Sat, Jan 27, 2007
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Persian Gulf Documentary Under Production
Handicraft Stamps Planned
Sivand Dam Launch Near
Zoroastrians Cancel Sadeh Feast
Due to Ashura
Simorgh Award May Be Included
In Fajr Fest
Composer Criticizes
Religious Music Trend
Soltanieh City Excavation Pending
Rare Artifacts to Go on Display

Persian Gulf Documentary Under Production
TEHRAN, Jan. 26--Persian Gulf Satellite Television Network has begun compiling a “visual encyclopedia“ of the Persian Gulf. The encyclopedia is titled ’Persian Gulf Pearls’.
Announcing this, director general of Hormuzgan province’s Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), Nosratollah Mojtabazadeh, said that the main objective of producing this television documentary is to introduce the 21 islands of the Persian Gulf in all fields, including anthropology, sociology, culture, economy, industry and tourism.
“The television documentary is in 13 parts of 45-minute each and will be ready for broadcasting by late March,“ he added.
Designer, producer and director of Persian Gulf Pearls, Akbar Tadbiri, told Hormuzgan IRIB that the documentary will be filmed in three provinces of Hormuzgan, Bushehr and Khuzestan and will introduce 21 Iranian islands of the Persian Gulf.
“The main feature of this television documentary is the use of special effects and animation with the aim of improving the visual aspects of the work,“ he added.
Tadbiri pointed out that a special music soundtrack is also being contemplated for the documentary that will be complete soon.

Handicraft Stamps Planned
TEHRAN, Jan. 26--Managing director of Iran Postal Company has said that stamps featuring handicrafts as well as personal stamps will be issued with the commissioning of joint museums of postage and handicrafts collections.
According to ISNA, Mohammad Hassan Mohebbian said at a meeting on export of handicrafts through mail that an opinion chamber should be set up in company.
He hoped that the entity would have articles of association and suitable structure so as to avoid alterations in the case of changes in the management system.
Stating that joint management and opinion chamber should be distinguished, he further said that the chamber should employ people who should not get involved in administrative affairs but the output of the chamber have to be brought into such affairs.
Referring to the role of communications in handicrafts and marketing, Mohebbian also said that electronic commerce is one of the means for marketing and this requires attention to public needs.
Specialized meetings can be organized between the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications and Handicrafts Department of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, he noted.
Commenting on personal stamps, he also said that producers of goods and handicrafts schemes can order personal stamps to paste on their products.
Postal company and Handicrafts Department can undertake joint ventures in museum and even exhibition sectors, Mohebbian concluded.

Sivand Dam Launch Near
TEHRAN, Jan. 26--Energy Minister Parviz Fattah said that Sivand Dam in Fars province, will become operational in February. This is while cultural heritage officials are responding to those who are against filling the dam with water, the Persian daily Etemad reported.
The minister further said that the flooding of the dam was postponed to after the holding of a seminar on the latest achievements of archeological excavations on Bolaghi Pass.
It was also agreed that the archeologists put forward their research findings on the region, he noted.
The same source further said that at the meeting, archeologists announced that operations to save artifacts are complete and there is no need to undertake further researches.
“Following the seminar and vocal announcement of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, we have reached the conclusion that the excavations in the area have already been completed,“ the minister said.
According to him, the dam will become operational in February if the organization approves it.
However, head of the organization’s Research Center Hassan Fazel-Nashali said that a group of Japanese experts will visit the country next week to conduct excavation works in the historical site of Bolaghi Pass which will be submerged once the dam becomes operational.
He told Etemad that the operations to save Bolaghi Pass are now complete and the final decision will be taken by the officials.
According to Fazeli, the operations were the biggest in the archeology history of the country.

Zoroastrians Cancel Sadeh Feast
Due to Ashura
YAZD, Jan. 26--Zoroastrians in Yazd will not hold their ancient feast called ’Sadeh’ this year since it coincides with Ashura (tenth day of the lunar month Muharram when the third Shiite Imam, Imam Hussein (AS) and his 72 loyal companions were martyred in the plains of Karbala in present-day Iraq).
Announcing this, head of Zoroastrian Association of Yazd Province told IRNA that the ceremony was held on January 30 each year but was called off this year as a token of respect for Imam Hussein (AS).
Sohrab Firouzfar further said that this is for the first time that the religious festival is being cancelled.
Zoroastrians celebrate January 30 each year to mark creation of fire during the reign of Houshang, a king of the Kianian Dynasty.
Sadeh Festival in Iran dates back to eight to ten thousand years ago. It pertains to the time when the Aryans had not yet migrated to the Iranian Plateau.
Some 35,000 Zoroastrians live in Iran, 6,000 of whom are in Yazd province.

Simorgh Award May Be Included
In Fajr Fest
TEHRAN, Jan. 26--Head of Fajr International Film Festival’s Public Relations Department said that efforts are underway to include Simorgh (Phoenix) Award in this year’s event.
Speaking to Fars, Habib Ilbeigi added that no specific decision has been made in this respect yet but within the next few days it will be made clear whether to incorporate it in the schedule or not.
In the past nine years, Simorgh awards went to films which were selected as the best both by the public as well as the jury. This trend continued each year without controversy.
Direct selection of film by the public and indirect impacts it had on the economy of cinema industry had made Simorgh a valuable phenomenon for the sector, he noted.
The problem came to the fore when spokesman of Cinema House Ali Moallem announced that this year the institute did not agree to count the votes on the grounds that there is no proper mechanism for the job.
However, hopes for including the award in the event do exist, given recent statements by Head of Fajr International Film Festival’s Public Relations Department.

Composer Criticizes
Religious Music Trend
Kambiz Roshanravan
TEHRAN, Jan. 26--Noted composer and musician, Kambiz Roshanravan has criticized the manner in which religious music has developed in recent years, reported CHN.
Roshanravan said that just as Iran’s pop music has been off track in recent years, a combination of pop music and religious music has also failed to maintain the proper course.
Noting that this kind of music cannot be termed as religious, the musician pointed out that melody of many musical pieces labeled as religious are not intended for this purpose and they are mostly copies of other works or even pop music.
Roshanravan, who is also secretary of 22nd Fajr Music Festival, said that by putting religious lyrics to pop melodies, such music cannot be labeled as religious genre of music.
“Religious music is what was used previously in streets and mosques and on religious occasions,“ he pointed out.

Soltanieh City Excavation Pending
TEHRAN, Jan. 26--The main section of the ancient city of Soltanieh, in Zanjan province, still remains buried at a time when excavations at the archeological site can provide researchers with important information about the region’s history.
Archeological Research Center, in its studies, has focused on the ruins from the early Islamic era despite the fact that Soltanieh Dome was registered as a global cultural heritage two years.
Director of the research station of Soltanieh Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department, Hassan Mohebali told CHN that the responsibility for the archeological excavations in the ancient site of Soltanieh, where Soltanieh’s main city is most probably located, rests with the Archeological Research Center. “Unfortunately, no excavations have taken place in that area as yet,“ he added.
Soltanieh was an important city in the early Islamic era which prospered during the Ilkhanid era. “Without fresh findings about Soltanieh, people will not have complete information about the historic city,“ he concluded.

Rare Artifacts to Go on Display
A selection of artifacts will be displayed for the first time at Iran National Museum.
TEHRAN, Jan. 26--Director of Iran National Museum has announced that an exhibition will be held to display selected artifacts pertaining to all historical ages from the museum’s Main Depository.
Mohammad Reza Kargar noted that a selection of artifacts from Iran National Museum to be displayed for the first time can serve as the most illustrative pieces of their kind, CHN reported.
Iran National Museum, as the country’s premier museum, is a venue for maintaining all precious and unique artifacts which were discovered from ancient cities and graveyards.
The exhibition will be held before the renovation of Iran National Museum by the end of the current Iranian year in March.

People in Qom mourning for Imam Hussein (AS) during Muharram.


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