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He was born on March 15, 1818 to Severino Alvarez and Maria Malia. He was sent to the San Jose College in Manila for schooling. He obtained his teacher’s diploma and returned to his hometown and taught in Naic and Maragondon.

He was implicated in the Cavite Mutiny and was sent to Manila in chains. After his release, he worked in the government office and was active in Katipunan activities in Noveleta. He was responsible for the spread of the Katipunan in Cavite. In different confrontations with the Spaniards, he lead forces for ambush and managed to inflict heavy losses on the Spanish troops. In recognition of his valiant accomplishments, Bonifacio designated Alvarez general and scond Supremeo of the Katipunan during the Magdiwang Council meeting in Cavite in Dcember 1896. He did not join Aguinaldo’s revolutionists to Biak na Bato because Bonifacio’s death grieved him, he was not even present during the signing of the declaration of independence in Kawit.

During the American regime, he affiliated himself with the Nacionalista party, he joined the Aglipayans and was elected town president.

He died of old age on August 25, 1924.