Dutiful and intense, son of a self-made billionaire, Erik Prince is an adventure seeker and conservative true believer. An exclusive.

The Blackwater founder defends himself—and his company.

Shouldn't we give peace a chance? A look at the divestment movement.


Clarence Thomas has been a polarizing figure for nearly two decades. He says he's just doing his job.

The White House trumpets success in the drug war, even as it prepares a big new aid program. Is it real, or is it politics?

Still under investigation by Congress and Justice Department lawyers who once worked for him, the former attorney general has turned to a leading Washington attorney to help him beat the rap.

Two meat recalls in one week are blamed on a particularly toxic strain of E. coli, occurences of which health officials say have spiked this summer. What's going on?


Military commissions were supposed to ensure easy terror convictions, but that hasn't been the case.

The Peek

Fluorescents still cost more upfront. But Wal-Mart's attention and the policies of many governments are pushing incandescents toward extinction.

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Inside the Cleveland school shooting

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