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The Fix - short fiction website launches today!

Posted By Sandy Auden On 15th October 2007 @ 19:00 In Reviews, Short Fiction, Zines, Info for Writers, Online, Indy Press | No Comments

The brand new online version of The Fix magazine has launched today under the capable guidance of head honcho Eugie Foster.

Dedicated to short fiction (in its numerous forms), the new website is bringing a long overdue focus with reviews, interviews, news and articles on short things from around the globe.

Foster took a quick break from some hectic website building to give us the low down about why she took up the editorial role and what we can expect to find on the new website…

"I got involved because I believe in The Fix's mission of reviewing the breadth and scope of short fiction in order to support and highlight it and the industry which publishes it.

"I write short stories, read them, and love them. But short stories and the short form always seem to get short shrift. In review publications, if short fiction is reviewed at all, it's the occasional anthology or single author collection - with the serials all but overlooked - and always in the vast minority compared to reviews of novel-length work. And for writers, short fiction is viewed by many as a stepping stone, an avenue towards the goal of novel publication.

"But I believe the short form is valuable and valid in its own right.

"Short stories are the perfect length for exploring a single idea or the dynamics of a single relationship or the quirks and personality of a single character. Writers can afford to take more risks in short stories, and when done right, short stories are like a focused, intense burst of literary brilliance."

What can readers expect to see on the site in terms of scope? "The Fix will provide critical coverage of short fiction across the full spectrum of magazines, webzines, anthologies, and single-author collections in all its myriad mediums: print, online, audio, and film.

"In addition to its core content of short fiction reviews, The Fix will publish feature articles, exclusive interviews, and regular columns on writing, speculative poetry, audiobooks, podcasts, and short film."

The site will be humming with new material too: "I’ll be publishing reviews no less frequently than weekly and will likely be publishing new ones multiple times a week - time and the prolificness of The Fix's devoted reviewers permitting. Feature columns will be published on a staggered, semi-monthly schedule on the 1st and 15th of each month." And in the future? "I plan to continue to broaden The Fix's review rotation as well as include more feature articles about the short fiction industry. I'd like for The Fix to become the hub for aficionados and practitioners of short fiction to come to for news and commentary relevant to the community.

"A lot of publications seem to come and go with little fanfare or notice, but there are also a lot of stable, independent and small presses publishing some amazing short fiction - edgy, fresh, and innovative. They attract talented writers and loyal readers, and they deserve greater visibility in the industry.

"Short fiction has also been migrating steadily from traditional print to online, the Internet's global potential often bringing in more readers than print - only publications would be able to. And now short fiction audio podcast magazines like Escape Pod and its sister publications, Pseudopod and Pod Castle, have caught the interest and imagination of fiction enthusiasts, and doing a wonderful job at reviving awareness in both new short fiction and classic works.

"But innovations in publishing mediums notwithstanding, I believe that as long as there are accomplished writers committed to the short form, there will be an audience for it. It's just a matter of letting the audience know where to find it."

You can lock and load The Fix into your favourites here: [1] TheFix-Online.com.

Source: Eugie Foster, Editor, The Fix

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