NarusInsight Intercept Suite

NarusInsight Intercept Suite (NIS) enables capture of packet-level, flow-level, and application-level usage information along with complete session packets for forensic analysis, surveillance, or for satisfying regulatory compliance.

A critical concern of those conducting network surveillance is ensuring the comprehensive collection of targeted data while simultaneously attending to issues related to privacy, traceability, and authentication. Put simply, it is essential to capture all targeted data, but nothing else.

Narus uniquely provides insight into the entire network, ensuring that all targeted data is captured regardless of the size, speed, or asymmetric topology of the network. Any number of links, at any speed, with any routing architecture, can be simultaneously monitored.

Complementing the NIS total netw ork view is real -time monitoring and capture a t line-speed, eliminating the need for unmanageable volumes of data, costly post processing, and the side effects of capturing untargeted data.

NIS' unmatched breadth of target criteria also provides for surgically precise capture of data. Supported targets include both broad identifiers such as port, protocol, RADIUS login, or IP address as well as application specific identifiers such as such as e-mail address, web-mail identity (even those within a 'cc' or 'bcc' field), SIP URI, VOIP number, and many others.

NarusInsight Intercept Suite

NIS supports comprehensive forensic capabilities that dramatically simplify analysis of captured data. This includes playback of streaming media (such as captured VoIP), rendering of web pages, examination of e-mail and the ability to analyze the payload/attachments of e-mail or file transfer protocols.


Carriers and Governments have deployed Narus around the world protect their countries and infrastructure.

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