create your own soundbadge

You've got a MySpace profile, an Open ID, a Gravatar, tons of indie badges. Anything missing? Yep: Your sound badge.

Create a unique beat loop that sounds just like you, then wear it anywhere on and off the web. It takes only four steps:

  1. Choose your style:

    What's your favorite genre:

  2. Describe yourself:

    Your personality and a few physical details - used to make your beat sound just like you.

  3. Listen to your loop:

    Does the sound fit you? Listen closely - it's you, put into music! And, like you, it's absolutely unique.

  4. Sign up to get your sound badge!

    And wear it on the Internet, use it as a Skype sound or feed it to your mobile phone.

Wanna hear some examples first? Here you are!