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Big Ones
GC shoots the shit with Laura Kightlinger
Becky Donohue: What's in my closet?
Jen Kirkman: Do you think I'm a hipster?
Read This
Jen Monatlik: Mirrors
Katie McCabe: Vanity teaches humility
Deb Shea: The other vanity
Jamie Denbo: Strip and tell
Vanessa Hollingshead: Aging & Vanity
Stu Levine: Vanity, the rocker
Heather Maidat: Get yo wig on
Laura Buchholz: Hair gone wrong
Lisa Barelli: Glamour girl
Karey Dornetto: Fat summer
Lianne Stokes: Nasal turning point
Get Off Your Ass
Jennifer Palumbo: Vanity confusion
Laurie Kilmartin: A necessary sin
Token Male
Todd Levin: Male vanity
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From Boston to L.A. chats with the acidic-ly funny and honest girlcomic, Laura Kightlinger.

Jen Kirkman

"I like L.A. There's a lot more smoke being blown up my ass here than there was in New York. And even though the smoke doesn't necessarily materialize into anything, the frequency and availability of it is something I've come to depend on." - Laura Kightlinger.

Laura KightlingerLargo
It's Monday night in L.A. and that means that most comedy connoisseurs are crammed in at Largo, a club (mainly for hipster musicians) that also functions as an Italian restaurant, menu's with Marty Feldman's mug on the front sit at every place setting. Laura Kightlinger enters with her infamous boyfriend Jack Black (Tenancious D.) but it's not about her "movie star boyfriend" as she lovingly and jokingly referred to him on stage that night, the crowd is there for her.

That kind of sucked
The comics that night are not eating it, but they're not exactly serving up the laughs either. It's not their fault, because these are some of the brightest comics, big names and all that. Maybe the audience is in carbohydrate overload, or the bartender is taking too long with their drinks, but they haven't opened up yet. Then Laura takes the stage and finally cracks them. And in classic Kightlinger, self-deprecating style, she walks off stage and says, "That kind of sucked." If only I could suck like that.

Quick Shots of False Hope
Yeah you could say Laura Kightlinger isn't vain. But she loves to pretend she is. The inscription on the (unfortunately now out of print) autobiography that she sent me reads, "I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did kissing the picture on the cover." Quick Shots of False Hope is her first book that consists of seventeen essays. All riotous, candid and more often than not upsetting. She's been to more funerals than anyone on the planet and suffered rejection and mortification on the way up the ladder to success.

She talks with great esteem and regret about her grandmother often in the book. When asked she says, "I think about her [grandmother] all the time. She was very funny without knowing it. My grandmother had two favorite topics; tragedies in our family and tragedies in other people's families. She'd be alive today if not for her harmful practice of driving with one foot on the break and the other on the gas". That last sentence seems like just a metaphor, but ouch, it's true.

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