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Written by giri   
Friday, 27 April 2007
Many vendors do not release specifications of the hardware or provide a Linux driver for their wireless network cards. This project implements Windows kernel API and NDIS (Network Driver Interface Specification) API within Linux kernel. A Windows driver for wireless network card is then linked to this implementation so that the driver runs natively, as though it is in Windows, without binary emulation.
 With ndiswrapper, most miniPCI (builtin), PCI, PCMCIA (Cardbus only) or USB wireless network cards work in Linux with x86 or x86-64. Although ndiswrapper is intended for wireless network cards, other devices are known to work: e.g., ethernet cards, USB to serial port device, home phone network device etc.
For help with installation / troubleshooting etc., see Documents and/or Help accessible from the main menu. IRC at #ndiswrapper is not very active, but occasionally someone there may be able to help you.

Support this project

Please Support This Project by a donation if you found this project useful and would like continued development of this project. Your donations will help us acquire necessary hardware, especially various wireless cards. As vendors keep releasing new cards, your contributions will help in making sure ndiswrapper can support them. 10% of your donation will be contributed to Sourceforge and KDE project.

To supplement donations, text ads have been placed on this page, with the hope that they help in obtaining required hardware for improving ndiswrapper.

Thanks for your support!
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 04 September 2007 )
1.51 released
Written by Giri   
Monday, 17 December 2007
Version 1.51 has been released. Short summary of changes since 1.50:
  • Fixed an smp issue that may cause ndiswrapper to stop transmitting packets after a while (noticed with Marvell Pre-N USB driver)
1.50 released
Written by Giri   
Wednesday, 28 November 2007
Version 1.50 has been released. Short summary of changes since 1.49:
  • Added support for 2.6.24-rcX kernels
  • Fixed issue with changing mac address (with 'ifconfig hw ether ') - its broken since 1.45-rc2. Now one can also edit appropriate .conf file to set the NetworkAddress setting to whatever mac address should be used by the driver (e.g., NetworkAddress|0123456789ab)
  • Fixed kernel crash observed with mrv8335 in ad-hoc mode