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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Alert 6th District Officers Catch Robbery Suspect

On April 23rd an offender tried to rob a fast food restaurant by climbing through the drive-thru window.  As the subject fled the scene, Officers Dillon and Proano of Bt. 614 were on patrol and monitoring the flash sent out by units that were on the scene. 

Bt. 614 toured the area and located a vehicle matching the description given in the flash. These officers curbed the vehicle and observed the subject was armed and wearing body armor--which also matched the flash of the offender.

The subject was taken into custody without incident.  Recovered were two weapons, a body armor vest, and about $200 USC.

Further investigation by A/2 detectives revealed that this offender was also a suspect in the armed robbery of another fast food restaurant.

The offender was charged accordingly.  All officers were safe.  Fantastic response, back-up and investigative work to all units involved:


Morris and Skupien--Bt 623

Brandenburger and Kennedy--Bt 647


Walsh--Bt 620

Peak--Bt 610

Franko--Bt 650

Lt. Walsh and the Area 2  R/B/T Unit.

Stay safe.


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