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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Superintendent Catches Thief

"Top Cop" may mean different things to different people, but remember the key to that nickname is "cop". 

On Monday, Superintendent Cline and Sgt. Masterson were in the area of 19th and State Street, when they were waved down by a local businessman. 

The businessman told the Superintendent that a man, whom he described, caused a disturbance in the restaurant and then allegedly left without paying.  Superintendent Cline and Sgt. Masterson toured the area looking for the offender and located the subject at about 21st and State. 

As they exited the vehicle, the "Supe" and "Sarge" stopped the offender and were met by Bt. 106.  The offender was taken into custody without incident.

Outstanding job to Officers Stadnicki and Siriscevich of Bt. 106, Sgt. Masterson and Superintendent Cline.  The real police. . . every day.

Stay safe.


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