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Total Intel is led by recognized intelligence, security, and operations professionals with proven performance.

The Total Intelligence Team:

Ambassador Cofer Black

Ambassador Cofer Black, Chairman of Total Intel, is an internationally acknowledged expert in counterterrorism. Ambassador Black is also the Vice Chairman of Blackwater USA, Inc., where he leads strategic direction and business development for a group of five companies that provide training and tactical solutions for the 21st century.

Ambassador Black also serves as the CEO of The Black Group, LLC, a company providing security services for corporate executives, their employees, and facilities throughout the world. The Black Group delivers enterprise security to protect the firm's assets and improve the results anticipated in business plans.

Prior to his current position, Ambassador Black was the State Department's Coordinator for Counterterrorism with the rank of Ambassador at Large from December 2002 to February 2005.

The State Department is the lead federal agency dealing with international terrorism, and Ambassador Black's office, S/CT, had primary responsibility for developing, coordinating, and implementing U.S. counterterrorism policy. On behalf of the Secretary of State, Ambassador Black represented the Department on the Counterterrorism Security Group. His office played a leading role on the Department of State's counterterrorism task forces organized to coordinate responses to international terrorist incidents. Ambassador Black's responsibilities included coordinating U.S. Government efforts to improve counterterrorism cooperation with foreign governments, including the policy and planning of the Department's Antiterrorism Training Assistance Program.

Ambassador Black, who was born in Stamford, Connecticut and received his Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from the University of Southern California in International Relations, has had a distinguished 28-year career in the Directorate of Operations at the Central Intelligence Agency. Prior to joining the State Department, Ambassador Black was the Director of the CIA Counterterrorist Center. In this capacity, he served as the CIA Director's Special Assistant for Counterterrorism as well as the National Intelligence Officer for Counterterrorism. During his CIA career, Ambassador Black served six foreign tours in field management positions.

In addition to numerous exceptional performance awards and meritorious citations, Ambassador Black received the Distinguished Intelligence Medal, the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal, the George H. Bush Medal for Excellence, the Donovan Award for Excellence, and the Exceptional Collector Award.

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Robert Richer
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Richer became Total Intelligence Solution's first Chief Executive Officer with the formation of the company in January 2007. He came to lead Total Intel from duties as Blackwater USA's Vice-President for Intelligence. Mr. Richer retired in November 2005 from the Central Intelligence Agency as the Associate Deputy Director for Operations (ADDO). As the ADDO, Mr. Richer was responsible for leading the Clandestine Services' worldwide collection and operational efforts with specific focus on national security priorities and threats. He brought to that position more than twenty years service focused on national collection and operational priorities, the Middle East and the war against terrorism. During his years of service he developed unique relationships with key foreign officials and leaders; particularly in the Middle East and South Asia.

Prior to his assignment as the ADDO in 2004, Mr. Richer was the Chief of the Near East and South Asia Division, responsible for Clandestine Service Operations throughout the Middle East and South Asia. In that leadership role, Mr. Richer directed the Clandestine Service's roles in the prosecution of the war in Iraq, reinforced critical relationships with foreign governments and intelligence services on issues of national importance throughout the Middle East and South Asia, and participated in national security policy deliberations.

Throughout his service with the CIA, Mr. Richer developed close and productive relationships with his United States military counterparts; particularly in the area of Special Operations, the Central Command and the overall war against terrorism. His close ties to the U.S. military were built upon his military service. Mr. Richer enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1972. He was commissioned in 1978 from the enlisted ranks and served on active duty until October 1983. He was recalled to active service in 1991 for Operation Desert Storm. He completed his service with the Marine Corps, while in the reserves, in 1997.

Mr. Richer has been awarded numerous awards and commendations from a number of foreign governments. Additionally during his Agency career, he has received commendations and awards to include the Intelligence Commendation Medal in both 1993 and 1996; the Director's Award in 2004 and in March 2006, Mr. Richer was awarded the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal.

Mr. Robert "Rob" G. Richer was born in Detroit, Michigan on 11 December 1953. He received a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration in 1978 from The Citadel and a Master's degree in Management in 1982 from Webster College, Mo. He is married to the former Kimberly Phillips, also a former Marine, and has three children.

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Matthew G. Devost

Mr. Devost joins Total Intel as President, also serving as the Founding Director of the Terrorism Research Center where he is President and CEO, overseeing all research, analysis, assessment, and training programs. Mr. Devost provides strategic consulting services to select international governments and corporations on issues of counter-terrorism, information warfare, critical infrastructure protection, and homeland security. Mr. Devost also co-founded and serves as Executive Director of Technical Defense, Inc., a highly specialized information security consultancy.

Mr. Devost has been researching the impact of information technology on national security since 1993. Mr. Devost has provided support on Information Operations and information terrorism to the Department of Defense community, Presidential Commissions, and numerous other government, law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Mr. Devost has also provided information security consulting and intelligence analysis services to private corporations, including Fortune 500 companies and critical infrastructure owners.

Mr. Devost has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, NPR, CBS Radio, CBS News, BBC television, NWCN, Australian television and over four dozen other radio and television programs as an expert on terrorism and information warfare and has lectured or published for the National Defense University, the United States Intelligence and Law Enforcement Communities, the Swedish government, Georgetown University, American University, George Washington University, and a number of popular press books - magazines, academic journals and international conferences. Mr. Devost holds a B.A. degree from St. Michael's College and a Master of Arts Degree from the University of Vermont.

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Enrique "Ric" Prado
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Prado joins Total Intel as Chief Operating Officer and serves as Vice President of Special Government Programs with Blackwater USA, as well as a twenty-four year veteran and former senior executive officer (SIS-2) in the Directorate of Operations (DO) of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Of these, he spent twelve years as an operations officer and senior operations manager in the CIA's Counterterrorist Center (CTC), and ten years with CIA's "paramilitary" group (Special Operations Group). Mr. Prado's last overt job in the CIA was as Chief of Operations for the Counterterrorist Center (DC/CTC), under J. Cofer Black. He served PCS in six overseas tours including Asia, Arab Africa and Latin America. Five of these long-term deployments were in high-threat countries; his last deployment as Chief of Station (COS). His military service included Airborne and SCUBA training through the auspices of USAF, Pararescue (PJ).

Mr. Prado has been awarded George Bush Medal for Excellence in Counterterrorism, CIA's Intelligence Commendation Medal and the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal.

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Caleb "Cal" Temple
Senior Vice President - Intelligence & Analysis

Mr. Temple comes to Total Intel as its first Senior Vice President for Intelligence and Analysis after serving as the Defense Intelligence Agency's Chief of the Office of Intelligence Operations, Joint Intelligence Task Force-Combating Terrorism from January 2004 to July 2006. In this position he directed DIA's 24/7 analytic terrorism target development in support of U.S. special forces and Defense human intelligence personnel operating worldwide. He also oversaw analytic support to detainee and seized document activities; 24/7 global counterterrorism indications and warning analysis for the Defense Department; and analysis of terrorists' use of improvised explosive devices and unconventional weapons. Prior to this assignment Mr. Temple served as the Chief of DIA's Counterterrorism Division; the Chief of the Current/Crisis Terrorism Intelligence Branch supporting the Joint Chiefs of Staff Director of Intelligence/J2; and was assigned as the Joint Staff J2's daily terrorism briefer.

From February 1993 to September 1997, Mr. Temple worked as an intelligence operations specialist in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) supporting Middle Eastern counterterrorism and counterintelligence investigations, and crisis response operations. He served from 1989 to 1997 in the U.S. Army National Guard as an infantry soldier and counterintelligence specialist.

Mr. Temple is also the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President for Intelligence and Analysis at the Terrorism Research Center, Inc.

In addition to numerous performance awards and meritorious citations, Mr. Temple has twice received the Director of Central Intelligence's National Intelligence Medal of Achievement, and is a recipient of the Defense Intelligence Agency's Exceptional Civilian Service Medal and the National Military Intelligence Association's John T. Hughes Award.

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Jennifer Hardwick
Vice President - Client Relations

Jennifer Demmert Hardwick joins Total Intel having previously served as Senior Director at the Terrorism Research Center (TRC). Prior to joining the TRC, she spent a brief period as a Department of Defense/Homeland Security contractor working on missile defense policy and less-than-lethal technology in aviation security. For four years prior to that, she was the Director of Operations for Pinkerton Global Intelligence Services (PGIS), focusing on sales and marketing efforts, but also serving as an editor-in-chief and a guest analyst for European security concerns. She was also awarded a Manfred Worner Seminar fellowship for a security policy program in Germany and Belgium. She also served as the Product Development Manager at PGIS. Prior to this position, she worked for The Kroll-O'Gara Company's political risk assessment division, Kroll Information Services (KINS), serving in a variety of positions: Junior Analyst for Western Europe; Sr. Analyst for Europe; Director of Kroll Travel Watch city advisory service; and Director of Sales, Marketing and Client Accounts.

She is the current Chairman of the National Capital Chapter of ASIS International and a member of their Countering Terrorism subcommittee. She received her Bachelor's of Arts from The George Washington University in International Affairs with a double concentration in Intercultural Understanding and Western Europe and a double minor in German and Political Science. She speaks German fluently and Spanish proficiently.

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Craig Johnson
Director - Due Diligence

Mr. Johnson joins Total Intelligence Solutions (TIS) as the Director for Due Diligence, Business Investigations and Legal Compliance after twenty-seven years of service with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). As an area-knowledge expert for Central and South America, Mr. Johnson had extensive travels to the Caribbean, sub-Saharan Africa, west and central Africa, the Middle East, and European countries conducting asset validations in support to United States government national security interests. Mr. Johnson has held assignments as the Special Agent-in Charge (SAIC) for investigative elements in the western domestic field; Chief of Polygraph elements for "classified and sensitive" programs in the domestic field; Chief of Technical Integration and Countermeasure Deployments; and, served two tours overseas in high threat areas as the regional Chief for Operations for polygraph examinations for all of Latin America and the Caribbean. Mr. Johnson also served two Directors for Central Intelligence as the executive protective officer for personal security. Mr. Johnson's last assignment in the CIA was the Executive Officer for the Office of Military Affairs (OMA). OMA was responsible for the establishment of infrastructure for all US military armed and coalition forces deployed to Iraq during Gulf War II.

Prior to his joining TIS, Mr. Johnson was the former President and CEO of the consulting firm CJ & Associates, LLC. The firm was licensed for operations in the states of Maryland and California. This firm provided asset validation, VIP executive security protection, due diligence, physical, vulnerability, risk, threat, and behavior assessments for unique clients. The firm was recognized in 2002 and 2003 by Who's Who Historical Society of Entrepreneurs for having demonstrated exemplary professional achievement and distinguished contributions to entrepreneurial endeavors. Prior to government service, Mr. Johnson served as a police officer with the Sacramento Police Department.

Mr. Johnson, a native San Franciscan, received his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Criminal Justice from Sacramento State University. He is a graduate from the distinguished CIA Polygraph School for Deception and Detection; and, a graduate from the U.S. Army War College in Strategic Studies. Mr. Johnson is a doctoral degree candidate with the University of Phoenix in Educational Leadership and is currently an adjunct professor for two universities where he designed curriculum and instructs on the subjects of Criminal Justice and Information Security respectively. Mr. Johnson received the CIA's Career Intelligence Medal for distinguished career service, received two Meritorious Unit Citations, and numerous exceptional performance awards. Finally, he was inducted into the Halls of Fame in both high school and university as a distinguished alumnus.

Mr. Johnson is a certified Private Investigator for the state of Maryland; two term Vice President and current member for the Maryland Polygraph Association; member in good standing with the American Polygraph Association, California Association of Polygraph Examiners, American Society of Industrial Security, Maryland Investigators and Security Association, and the Professional Investigators Alliance Of Maryland.

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James T. Kirkhope
Vice President - Research

Mr. Kirkhope joined the Total Intel subsidiary Terrorism Research Center, Inc. in 2002 and is currently responsible for coordinating a broad array of research and consulting projects on national security, all-hazards disaster prevention and response, and political risk. For example, Mr. Kirkhope headed a six-month study on Improvised Explosive Device (IED) makers for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, advised the Department of Homeland Security's development of its 15 National Planning Threat Scenarios as well as Alternative Homeland Security Threat Futures, served on a DHS Technical Assistance Program delivery team since 2004, continues to support the DHS-funded Responder Knowledge Base (RKB), and now leads the development of the new Total Intel Risk Matrix service.

Prior to 2002, James Kirkhope served as research fellow at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies (Arlington, VA), fellow of the Inter-University Center for Legal Studies (Washington, DC), chief researcher at the Human Sciences Research Council (Pretoria, South Africa), data assurance manager at the Columbia University Law School Library (New York), and research coordinator for two academic centers at The George Washington University (Washington, DC) and the U.S. Global Strategy Council (Washington, DC).

Mr. Kirkhope has published in academic journals, books, and electronic media on political violence and domestic security issues since 1989. He has lectured in Anchorage, Boston, Cape Town, London, New York, Pretoria, San Diego, Tampa, Warsaw, and Washington, D.C. In 2002, James Kirkhope founded the Terrorism Studies Group and in 2006 joined the Board of Directors for the Council of Emerging National Security Affairs (CENSA) and began serving on the Editorial Board of the international Journal of Business Continuity and Emergency Planning published in London. Mr. Kirkhope holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and Psychology from Bowling Green State University, a Master of Arts in International Affairs from The George Washington University, and a Master of Arts in Political Science from Columbia University.

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