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Notable NC State Alumni

The truest measure of our university's success is the success of our graduates and the impacts they make following graduation from NC State. Following, you'll find a list of the many alumni who have made and continue to make a difference in their community, their state, and the world. The list is by no means a comprehensive one. If you know of someone who deserves recognition and should be added to this list, please contact us.


Gov. James B. Hunt, Governor State of NC, '59
Gov. Bob Scott, Governor State of NC '52
Sen. John Edwards, Senator US Congress '74
Hon. Jim Graham Agriculture Commissioner, State of NC, '42
Rep. Walter B. Jones, Jr., Representative US Congress, '66
Rep. J.D. Hayworth, Representative US Congress
Justice Burley B. Mitchell, Chief Justice NC State Supreme
Hon. Steve Troxler, Agriculture Commissioner, State of NC, '74
Hon. Les Merritt, Jr., State Auditor, State of NC, '74


Adm. David W. Bagley Admiral US Navy Dec. 1901
Gen. Archie P. Farmer General US Army Dec. 1911
Gen. J.R. Townsend General US Army Dec. 1914
Maj. Gen. William C. Lee "Father of the AirborneUS Army Dec. 1918/1920?
Gen. Warner S. Goodwin, J General US Army Y 1951
Gen. Maxwell Thurman General US Army Dec. 1953
Gen. Hugh Shelton Chair, JCS US Army Y 1963
Gen. Dan McNeil Cmdr, NATO Intl. Sec. US Army/NATO N 1968
Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno Cmdr, III Corps/Ft. HooUS Army N 1986 (MS)
Lt. Gen. Thomas F. Metz Dept. Cmdr., TRADOCUS Army N 1980 (MS)
Eli L. Whitely Medal of Honor recipieUS Army Dec. 1949 (MS)
Gen. William P. Fisher General US Air Force Y 1934
Gen. Billy Boles, USAF Cmdr, AETC US Air Force Y 1961


Dr. Bill Friday, President UNC System, '41
Dr. Albert Carnesale, Chancellor UCLA '66
Dr. J. Charles Lee, President Mississippi State'64
Dr. William Brantley Aycock, Chancellor UNC-CH '36
Dr. Max Glennon, President Clemson, '62


Roger Craig, Manager San Francisco Giants
Alex Webster, Head Coach New York Giants
Roman Gabriel, Player, LA Rams '63
David Thompson, Player, ABA, NBA, '75/'03
Jim Ritcher, Player, Buffalo Bills, '86
Torry Holt, Player, St. Louis Rams, '99
Bill Cowher, Head Coach, Pittsburgh Steelers '79
Jim Donnan, Head Coach Marshall, UGA, '68
Chuck Amato, Asstistant Head Coach, Florida State, '69
Nate McMillan, Head Coach, Seattle Sonics, '86
Sidney Lowe, Head Coach NC State, '83
Norm Sloan, former Head Coach NCSU, UF '51
Dereck Whittenburg, Head Coach, Fordham Rams, '85
Pablo Mastroeni, Player US National Soccer Team, '97
Tab Ramos, Player, US National Soccer Team
Tom Gugliotta, Player Phoenix Suns, '93
David Fox, 1996 Gold Medal winner, US Olympic Swim Team, '94
Cullen Jones, US Record Holder US Olympic Swim Team
Koren Robinson, Player Minnesota Vikings, '01
Philip Rivers, Player San Diego Chargers, '03
Archie Miller, Assistant Coach, Ohio State Buckeyes, '02
Julius Hodge, Player Free Agent, '05
Tim Clark, Player PGA Tour, '98
Carl Petterson, Player PGA Tour
Joey Devine, Player Atlanta Braves, '06
Mario Williams, Player Houston Texans, '07
Manny Lawson, Player San Francisco 49ers, '06
John McCargo, Player Buffalo Bills, '07
Cedric Simmons, Player New Orleans Hornets, '08
Andrew Brackman, Player New York Yankees, '08


Roy Park, Founder, Park Communications, '31
Dr. Jim Goodnight, CEO, SAS, '65
Dr. John S. Mayo, President AT&T Bell Labs, '52
Wendell Murphy, CEO, MurFam Enterprises, '60
Ed Woolard, CEO & Chairman, DuPont, '56
Ed Hood, Vice President GE, '52
Randall Ward, Founder, This End Up Furniture, '68
Dr. Jim Owens, Chairman & CEO, Caterpillar, '68
Ed Fitts, CEO Dopaco, '61
Vincent Fang, CEO, Fantastic Garments Ltd., '67
Dick Idol, CEO, Dick Idol Ventures, '69
Nancy Webster, President/CEO Thomasville Furniture Industries, '75
Richard Curtis, Founder, Managing Editor, USA Today, '72
Bill Nussey, CEO, Silverpop,'87
Neal Hunter, Founder, Cree, LED Lighting Fixtures, '84
Mark Templeton, President/CEO, Citrix Systems, '75
Marshall Brain, President/Co-owner, Interface Technologies '89
Scot Wingo, Co-Founder, Stingray Software, '92
Joe Britt Founder, Chief Technology Officer, Danger, Inc., '81
Wes Jackson, Founder, The Land Institute, '67


Dr. Jerry Punch, ESPN Announcer, '75
Terry Gannon, ABC Announcer, '85
John Tesh, Singer/Musician, '74
Bill Cowher, CBS Commentator, '79
Jim Donnan, ESPN Commentator, '68
Thurl Bailey, Singer/Musician, '83