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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dan on 2007-01-21 @ 5:39 am

This is an ongoing list of Troy King’s Greatest Hits:

  • Took over the death penalty case of Shelby County District Attorney Robbie Owens after Owens asked a judge re-sentence LaSamuel Gamble. Owens says he thought it was in the interest of justice because the actual shooter in the crime had his death penalty sentence commuted by the Supreme Court’s Roper decision. “Out of plain fairness and simple equity in life, it’s not fair to leave the person on Death Row who didn’t kill anyone and take the person off Death Row who did.”
  • It has been suggested that King’s takeover of the Gamble case was at least partially due to Robbie Owens, a fellow Republican, supporting and endorsing King’s 2006 opponent, Democrat John Tyson. At the very least, King certainly used the incident to issue a scathing (and official) attack against Owens, saying he “shirked his responsibility” and calling his actions in the case “incredible and outrageous.”
  • The fallout from the incident with District Attorney Robbie Owens led to the Alabama District Attorneys Association suggesting that “If he cannot recognize the error of his needless attack on the District Attorney, perhaps he should consider his fitness for the position he now holds.”
  • According to a sworn statement by former investigator Anthony Castaldo, King conducted a “year long vindictive witch hunt” in an effort to get Circuit Judge Dan King (no relation) “off the bench.” The affidavit alleges that the prosecution of the judge was selectively based on Troy King’s disapproval of Judge King’s ruling on certain gambling machines in 2004.
  • Initiated the perjury trial of the afore-mentioned Anthony Castaldo by forwarding evidence to the Jefferson County District Attorney. Castaldo claims that the trial was pushed by King as political payback for refusing “to do political things” for the attorney general, including helping attack John Tyson, King’s 2006 general election opponent. Castaldo was acquitted after 45 minutes of jury deliberation.
  • Accepted luxury box seats from Alabama Power without reporting it to the Alabama Ethics Commission or Alabama citizens. Although he may not have been required to report it, he still accepted the seats during an election year from a company whose customers he is supposed to represent before the Public Service Commission.
  • King reimbursed Alabama Power $436 for meals only after the utility company educated the attorney general about ethics law. Power company officials explained to him that they could not pay for it since they were not physically present at the meals.
  • When confronted about the seats by the Birmingham News, he claimed there was no conflict of interest and said it was like taking a campaign contribution. If that is true, it should again be pointed out that the gifts were not reported to any agency while campaign contributions must be reported in accordance with law.
  • While conducting an investigation of the two-year college system, King asked a target of the investigation, former Chancellor Roy Johnson, to find a job for the mother of his staff member. Although Johnson wasn’t then being specifically investigated for it, he had been accused of wrongly handing out jobs as favors to friends and family.
  • The controversy from the hiring scandal eventually forced King to step aside from the two-year college investigation and delegate it to the St. Clair District Attorney.
  • It was later revealed that King also asked Johnson, who he was still investigating, to donate to a victims’ advocacy group named VOCAL.
  • Just to clarify for some who may not see the ethical problems with King asking Roy Johnson for favors: using your criminal investigations to network with the targets of those investigations is extremely unprofessional on many levels. Even if King continued to be an objective prosecutor after asking two favors from an accused criminal, it has the appearance of impropriety. Regardless of the outcome, there will have good reason to assume the result was unfair.
  • Advocated the death penalty for sex offenders during the 2006 campaign, despite that a 1977 Supreme Court case seems to indicate that it would be considered unconstitutional.
  • Wrote a 2005 AG opinion (AGO 2005-063) that said indigent defense attorneys were not eligible for overhead expenses. King was accused trying to create policy through his legal opinions. This seemed to be confirmed when the Alabama Supreme Court unanimously ruled against the opinion.
  • Wrote another 2005 opinion (AGO 2005-013) that stated that a certain seat on the commission that oversees the Department of Environmental Management required a bachelor’s degree in Ecology. King was accused of issuing a political opinion in an effort to remove the Siegelman-appointed member who holds that position, Pat Byington, who does not have a degree in Ecology. This seems likely since the statute (Ala. Code 22-22A-6(b)(6)) King refers to clearly states that the position only requires any accredited bachelor’s degree and because there were no accredited Ecology programs in Alabama (and few elsewhere) when the statute was written. The judge who tossed the suit all but ridiculed King’s opinion.
  • Assistant Attorney General Don Valeska knowingly lied in court about evidence, violating Alabama’s Rules of Ethics and causing a capital murder case to be dismissed and later a new trial was ordered. King is not directly responsible for Valeska’s lack of professionalism, but it is interesting that Valeska does not seem to have been sanctioned for his misconduct, and he continues his position as the chief of the AG’s Violent Crimes Division.
  • Wore an ankle bracelet for several days to “push” the legislature to pass a law requiring some repeat sex offenders to wear the GPS tracking device after release from prison. The law passed both houses unanimously, as expected, confirming for many that the “push” was unnecessary and was actually performed for political reason.
  • Filed a lawsuit to declare a state law concerning legislatively-disbursed grant money unconstitutional. There’s nothing highly controversial in his personal opinion on the grants, but his own website explains that the duties of the attorney general include, “He represents the State in all court proceedings wherein the constitutionality of a state statute is challenged.” Yet in this case, he challenged the state.
  • On top of being on the wrong side of the courtroom in that case, the Supreme Court ruled against him in a 9-0 decision, further confirming that the entire suit was nothing more than election-year politics.
  • Filed a headline-grabbing lawsuit against 4 gas stations after Hurricane Katrina for price-gouging. Eventually brought to a settlement, King only cites a profit at one gas station over the specified time for $65.72 — that’s total profit, not excess.
  • Wrote abrasive, homophobic opinion pieces for the Crimson White in law school.
  • When asked by the current CW staff if his views had changed, he only said he would now use “more judicious words.”

There are more, I know. Please let me know in the comments if you think I should add something else. I would prefer something that can be backed-up with at least a news article or a link to the AG opinion.

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Comments on “Troy King’s Greatest Hits”

  1. Willie

    I have never met the man, but from seeing and listening to him the only word that comes to mind is, “creepy”.

  2. Birmingham Blues » Blog Archive » The Long Wait Is Finally Over

    […] Dan at Between the Links has put together the definitive list of Troy King’s greatest hits (or misses).  For those of you not from Alabama, Troy King is our sad excuse for an Attorney General, appointed when his predecessor Bill Pryor was confirmed to a federal judgeship (and inexplicably elected to a full term in November) and perhaps the only person in the state who could make Bill look highly competent and centrist by comparison.  Given Troy’s stupid legal opinions, inflammatory and bigoted public comments, and ethical issues, I’m surprised Dan could get everything into one post. […]

  3. Glenn

    Don’t forget that King continues to allow unindicted Siegelman co-conspirator, Susan Kennedy to serve as a lawyer employed by his office.

  4. Anonymous

    susan kennedy? didnt she testify as to her role, during the corruption trial?

  5. Anonymous2007

    What is Susan Kennedy’s job at the AGs office? I have never heard of her.

  6. Anonymous

    probably some siegelman holdover trailer trash they cant quite get rid of yet.

  7. Birmingham Blues » Blog Archive » Busy Political Times In Alabama…

    […] Good to know the person in charge of prosecuting ethics violations that rise to the level of illegality doesn’t see a problem here.  And this isn’t the only time that Troy’s been afflicted with a bad case of ethical confusion. […]

  8. Glenn

    Another sky box story will break any day now. Stay tuned.

  9. wayne

    Glenn, did you say the sunday bham news front page?

  10. BTL: Troy King’s Latest Infraction

    […] If you do not believe me, take a look at this (massive) list of his issues reported by Dan over at Between The Links. I would paste it here, but the list is incredibly to long. […]

  11. Tom Davis

    I am seeing that the real reason the Birmingham News is attacking Troy King. He supports the death penalty and they don’t like it. I am encouraging my friends to support Troy King. Look at the real agenda of the Birmingham News and their fellow travelers.

    Tom Davis

  12. BTL: T-town news asks a good question

    […] January 30, 2007 T-town news asks a good question Dan on 2007-01-30 @ 10:16 am In an editorial regarding King’s latest ethical lapse (whichwill be added to the list shortly): There’s nothing wrong with trying to help a group like VOCAL, which has seen its grants cut. The way King tried to do it, however, shows a disappointing lack of judgment. […]

  13. Truva Kralı

    Boo Radley ıs a black albıno! tell me ı’m lyıng and ı’ll take the fıfth amendment.

  14. Anonymous

    When I think about the two-year college system, AIDT comes to mind. Does anyone out there know if there will be an investigation into what they do? There are millions of our tax dollars that are being wasted by AIDT in the name of training alabama’s workforce. They don’t do a thing but waste our money. This organization should be dissolved.

  15. BTL: Another scandal, another bullet

    […] March 12, 2007 Another scandal, another bullet Dan on 2007-03-12 @ 11:53 pm I hadn’t read much into latest Troy King scandal involvingAnthony Castaldo. I generally just skim news articles, and on first glance it just appeared that one of King’s prosecutors had been accussed of perjury. As much as I don’t like Troy King, my list of Troy’s Greatest Hits isn’t going to stoop so low as to bring up his subordinates’ alleged illegal activities. I just didn’t see the controversy without reading into it. But at a lunch with some fellow Alabama bloggers last weekend, Wheeler filled me in on some of the details. I then read some of the news articles and got some more information. Here are some of those details. To be quite fair, conclusions have to be drawn for this to look bad on King. It could just be a big coincidence. […]

  16. Birmingham Blues » Blog Archive » Former SoS Nancy Worley Indicted

    […] UPDATE:  I can’t believe I didn’t include a link to Dan’s list of Troy King’s greatest hits.  Alabama’s political embarrassments truly transcend party affiliation.  […]

  17. BTL: Strange Bedfellows

    […] Is this obvious and much-needed rationality the work of a long-haired commie deadhead? Nope. It’s from Troy King. Yeah! Troy King. Despite the fact that our attorney general is often a much maligned figure in this space, never let it be said that we won’t recognize the positive aspects of his career. It’s a shame this one stayed under the radar. Bravo, Mr. King. Filed under Law and courts, Drugs permalink :: email author :: no comments […]

  18. BTL: Nothing’s going on, so I’ll make fun of Troy

    […] I don’t know what I’m supposed to get from this. Has Troy King not done anything he’s proud of since then? Filed under AL govt at work permalink :: email author :: no comments […]

  19. Mike

    What Alabama needs is an AG who has worked in the AG’s office, clerked at the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, and practiced law before the circuit and district courts in South Alabama.

  20. Dan

    Did you have some in particular in mind, Mike?

  21. BTL: Alabamians and Troy King

    […] the Links Tuesday, April 24, 2007 Alabamians and Troy King Dan on 2007-04-24 @ 10:58 am This article highlights some of King’s problems, but my list ofTroy’s Greatest Hits is more complete. Also beware. Although the article is titled, “Alabamians Wary of AG Conflicts of Interest,” that’s a strong conclusion to make from the survey results. Alabamians typically favor a more open government, and I doubt the results would have been strikingly different without King’s scandals. Perhaps they have a good reason to say Alabama Attorney General Troy King is most known for his relationship with a utility company last summer that caused a conflict-of-interest debate. […]

  22. On Nancy Worley’s Indictment » Doc’s Political Parlor

    […] By the same token, Attorney General Troy King could have been the GOP’s flag bearer into the next election, but he has alienated so many Republicans that few are rallying around him with his own numerous missteps. (So many that he has been called the “new Nancy Worley.”) To give an example of right-wing frustration with Troy King, one active Republican emailed me soon after this story broke, “King better have a strong case or this could blow up in his face.” […]


    What me worry ? Me Nathan Hale.
    Ethics Committee like Kangaroo Court of Hypocrisy.
    All those in favor of a 150 percent pay raise ?
    So be it, according to the greediest legislature of all time.
    Sen. Bobby Singleton, why won’t The Birmingham News and Gov. Bob Riley let the public know that you drove around Alabama for 2 years wiff out a driver’s license. Singleton’s multi-level list of infractions, tickets and failures to appear would make him the Richard Petty of COPS in anybody’s book.
    Sen. Scott Beason of Gardendale promised all his fellow GOP members in Jefferson County that he would abide by Party policy and fight taxes and pay raises although he was a crucial vote with his hand out.
    Four Democrats to decide fate of a Republican ? Sen. Charles Bishop is guilty of assault and battery but is not Sen. Lowell Land Barron not guilty of HATE SPEECH by calling Sen. Bishop a SOB ? What respect ?

    What we have here is a failure to communicate.

    All our legislators are scum. Voter fraud is rampant in our state. Political payoffs are worse than the carpetbaggers that came through in 1866.

    Our new Constitution needs foremost a provision which would only allow for reimbursements for our PUBLIC SERVANTS, no pay, no pay. If they were all unpaid, then it would weed out the greedy.

    So where is all the ETHICS behind this Ethics Panel ? Sounds like hypocrites to me.
    Go figure
    Outta here, Nathan Hale

  24. Birmingham Blues » Blog Archive » Troy Strikes Again

    […] more background, check out Dan’s list of Troy’s Greatest Hits at Daily […]

  25. Daily Dixie: Updated

    […] slacked off for a little while, but I finally updated Troy King’s Greatest Hits to include Anthony Castaldo’s allegations regarding Judge Dan King as well as King’s […]

  26. Kent Allard

    Thanks for the great work. I have spent too much time on my own site talking about our ethically-challenged AG, so I’ve just directed anyone to your superior work instaed, at http://adisorderedmind.blogspot.com/2007/09/oh-alabama.html

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