WMU alum running for Lt. Governor

Nichole Allen

Issue date: 11/1/06 Section: News
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With the November elections bringing a hotbed of economic and employment platforms, Scotty Boman, the Libertarian candidate for Lt. Governor - he's the running mate of Greg Creswell -and Western Michigan University Alumnus, tells Michigan voters it's time to "Get it right."
Playing off Dick Devos' "Get it done," Boman believes it's not just a matter of doing it, but doing it right, and that means less government involvement.
"The less government intervention the better," Boman said. "We need more personal freedom."
Boman wants to help bring things to a taxless society and a free market structure, which includes eliminating the Single Business Tax.
He added that everyone is twice as wealthy without taxes.
Opposite of Democrat and Republican standpoint, Libertarians believe that the government should not be used to make jobs.
"We believe it's not the government's position to create jobs," he said.
The Detroit native noted that it brings an adverse effect and lessens the number of jobs because the government wastes time creating jobs rather than thinking outside the box on how to bring the companies into to the state first.
He also charges the government with bringing about more violence and victimizing people.
He said the government can't control people's personal lives.
"As long as you're not stepping on people's toes - what you do with your personal money and body is yours to choose," he said.
Boman said that one of the major problems in our nation is the number of people kept in prison because of the "Right to Die" issue. Relating to Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Boman said government shouldn't force any person to live or die.
"People should be allowed to choose their own destiny," he said. "The ultimate choice is to live or die."
The Libertarian Party is strong in its conviction to eliminate state sponsored racism by supporting Proposal 2.
"I find it appalling - it's just ridiculous," he said. "There's a lot of deception out there."
"Hypocrisy is common in politics," he said.
Boman said he is unhappy with the government's position with foreign affairs as well.
"Our government tries to mold foreign nations into images they want them to fit," he said.
He pointed out the government's misrepresentation of capitalism during the Cold War.
Boman comes to the Libertarian party with a bachelor's degree, double majors in physics and philosophy, and a master's in atomic physics, both earned at Western Michigan University.
His political preparation began with arguments with his father, who was well-versed in philosophy.
"We had respectful and intellectual sparring of ideas," he said. "It made my mind more focused to respond to other criticism."
He suggested that students looking to a future in politics should think outside the box and study philosophy.
"Don't just study curriculum text," he said. "Read outside material - I suggest reading Ayn Rand."
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