Fire that flipping bird...uh..I mean fox.
Firedfox 0.9 empowers you to be proactive in your result-driven activities by optimising communication links, leveraging risk reduction facilities and achieving unparalleled productivity more than our leading competitors.

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That's good, not bad. In fact that's very good.”
- Washington Post
Comparing the like comparing apples and oranges.”
Tabbed Browsing

Having too many windows on screen, clutters your desktop. With tabbed browsing, you can open links in the background so you can view them whenever you want. Tabs appear on the bottom of your screen and clicking on the tab brings the window to the front.

Make the Switch!

Firedfox has more features, is more stable and is more secure than its leading competitors. Firedfox truly is the lion of the jungle and there's no doubt about it in anyone's mind. In fact, it beats its competitors in so many ways that only a fool wouldn't switch to Firedfox as their default browser! You're not a fool are you? I certainly hope not.

Technology Preview

Firedfox is a technology preview. While the software works relatively well and appears to be relatively secure, it is still a pre-release product and should not be used in production environments. No one is encouraging you to use pre-release software. Only a fool would use pre-release software. You're not a fool are you? I certainly hope not.

Fewer Bugs

Firedfox has fewer bugs than its competitors. The most popular competitor, Internet Explorer, still has many bugs surfacing from time to time despite having reached a stable release for a long time. Hence, their programmers have been renowned for producing "swiss-cheese" software. Although Firedfox currently still has bugs, those bugs are attributed to the pre-release nature of Firedfox. Firedfox is just a little pup in a jungle and is still growing. Firedfox programmers will stop producing bugs once it reaches its 1.0 state.

ActiveX Security

Firedfox is safe from ActiveX security nightmares. The closest analogous thing is XPI Packages. However, despite its perceived similarity to ActiveX in that it is turned on by default, allows programs to run on the local computer with one click and can integrate with the browser which makes it hard to remove, it is more secure and less susceptible to exploitation.

Strong Community

Firedfox has a strong and open community dedicated to bringing Firedfox to the masses. This unique and strong community is very important for the development of Firedfox and therefore greatly outnumbers the number of programmers actually working on the product. Our community volunteers are also quick in identifying bugs and in classifying them as either an OS problem or a web server problem. Peer reviewed bugs also get our patented, "it-works-fine-for-me", stamp of approval.

Faster Startup Time

In some rare instances, Firedfox may start up slower than Internet Explorer. To the untrained professional, their reaction may be that Firedfox is by nature slower. But is Firedfox actually slower? No, I tells you! The reason (the likes of which even a grandma would concur) is because Internet Explorer is integrated with Windows and therefore starts up when Windows starts up. Therefore it is not the case that Firedfox is slower. But it is the case that Internet Explorer is faster.

A Developer's Best Friend

Firedfox is the only browser which supports most W3C web standards while our competitors are leagues behind! Only with Firedfox can you experience the freedom afforded by web standards. Break free from code that forces you to use a specific browser to be able to view a webpage properly.

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