Ataxia II is due out on May 29th 2007!

ATAXIA was a band for about two weeks in February 2004. It’s members are Joe Lally of Fugazi, Josh Klinghoffer and John Frusciante. The word ‘Ataxia’ is Greek for ‘disorder’. We were unaware at the time that it also has a meaning in English which is: total or partial inability to coordinate voluntary bodily movements, as in walking. In keeping with our names’ Greek meaning (quite unintentionally), the sections of our songs never had an arranged order. All our songs’ foundations are the bass which always plays one part throughout. The drums and guitar move about and generally use the vocal as their guide. The vocals and words were written, but the order the vocal sections occurred in, and how long the spaces between were, was different every time. So we would all stay on our toes to stay together for dynamics, changes in groove, switches to new sections, etc. We played two shows and recorded two records. The first record was released in August 2004. It was named after the surrealist activity called Automatic Writing. That was where people like Andre Breton and Max Ernst would write words in the form of sentences and paragraphs, but with absolutely no conscious attempt at meaning. They would observe the structure of their subconscious and it’s peculiar methods of organization (or the lack thereof) this way. And if there is one sure answer I can give to the question, “How did you write and record two albums in a week and a half?”, it is that we gave absolutely no thought to what we were doing, whatsoever. This music is unblemished by any expectations of a specific result, on our part. The three of us simply got together to hear what music had to say that week. We had fun together and this is the record of that fun. - John Frusciante

Exit John Frusciante Solo, enter John "Red Hot"..

From 2004 - Januray 2005, John Frusciante led us through an amazing musical marathon of 6 solo releases in 6 months with ever novel ideas, exploring boundaries with sincere warmth and inimitable skill.
Now John is back in his other life, as guitarist, co-composer, backing vocalist... and much more, of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, working hard in the studio every day on an album that promises to burst every RHCP album scope known so far!
So.. exit John Frusciante Solo, enter John Red Hot 'Funky Monk'- so for the time being (read: RHCP album production and possibly tour cycle) there will be no new John Frusciante Solo releases- but, whichever way, John fans will have a lot to look forward to !!
Goodbye (but not for good) and enjoy this site as an archive and treasure trove of unique sound samples (e.g. demo and acoustic versions, even an entire internet album for free!) exclusive interviews, John /Fan Q& A's to name just a few -until it's time to raise the curtain again!


John Frusciante, Sean Lennon and The Zombies are headlining the bill for the second All Tomorrow's Parties festival of the year, happening in April. They join Suicide, Peaches, Polly Jean Harvey, The Blues Explosion, Olivia Tremor Control and many more. The event is being currated by the director, artist and muso, Vincent Gallo, who will be performing himself. 
Tickets are priced at £120, including a three-day festival pass and three nights accommodation.
All Tomorrow's Parties 2005 (part 2) takes place at Camber Sands Holiday Centre on 22-24 April.
For more information visit


British Total Guitar No. 135/ May Issue (out now) features a John Frusciante Style Guide: "Want to play like the RHCP’s virtuoso? Then TG shows you how!"
Plus an exclusive interview with the Chili Peppers guitarist on his astonishing solo output:
"We couldn’t wait until the release of the new RHCP album to talk to John about his legendary playing, so the Chili’s guitarist tells us why he had to release six solo albums in six months."
TG is also available overseas. For more information visit the Total Guitar homepage at .

Preview the new video for The Past Recedes!

Check out the latest video from John Frusciante on Myspace!

The Past Recedes is the opening track on Curtains, the final album in the series of 6 albums on Record Collection. The video was shot in John's house by director Mike Piscitelli and captures a day in the life of this extraordinary artist and the environment in which the song was created and recorded...
JOHN FRUSCIANTE - 6 albums in 6 months on Record Collection
The Will To Death - 6.22.2004
ATAXIA Automatic Writing - 8.10.2004
DC EP (produced by Ian MacKaye) - 9.13.2004
Inside Of Emptiness - 10.26.2004
A Sphere In The Heart Of Silence - 11.23.2004
Curtains - 2.1.2005
Each [album] takes a completely different tone ­ classic rock, acid jamminess, electronic, acoustic ­ and the only unifying theme is the scarily naked level of emotion and honesty.² - JANE
"John Frusciante restores my faith in singer-songwriters.... honest,sparkly,simply magical." - BBC

A Little Message From John To The Fans

John would really like the fans to know that he would have loved to communicate with them more in the last months and also write much more about his albums for example, but due to the fast turnout of the solo albums there simply was not time. He is also practising guitar very intensively every day. However he will do so once he has more time and would "love to do another Q&A with the fans again, like we did last time, only this time more focused on the music perhpas and I would especially like to talk with people about the period of time when I was making this series of solo albums"
AND: Has he got news for you!:
Today John went into the studio with the Peppers to record the new Chilis album! he was very very enthusiastic about it and could not wait to delve into it heart & soul (..John Style!)
PLUS: He has plans to make a remeastered version of the internet album + make his all copies of "Smile from The Streets You Hold" which he has sitting in a warehouse and make both available to the fans by selling them directly through the site. "I recently listened to 'Smile' again and really loved it, it's really a wonderful album and it should be out there, people should be able to listen to it" A boxed set whith all his solo works (including those just mentioned) is another idea he has been toying with for a while and hopes to realize once he has more time. And that's just some of many ideas! So for now John sends you his love and gratitude for all those who share his passion for the music.
(Published 16th March 2005. Summary source & direct quotes from a conversation with John on 15th March 2005/ the evening before entering the studio to record the new RHCP album)

"Curtains" - in stores now!

'Curtains' call for John Frusciante and his fans!:
Get ready for the final chapter (so far) in John's solo series, in which he led us through an amazing musical marathon of 6 releases in 6 months with ever novel ideas, exploring boundaries with sincere warmth and inimitable skill.
Find the tracklisting and album cover on our 'Curtains" page "Curtains", Frusciante's 6th release is out now!
Don't miss it!

Here is what the press have to say on John's work:
"He's got to be stopped" - John Lurie
Curtains is thankfully the last record in the six record series that John Frusciante recorded in 2004. It was recorded on an Ampex 8-track tape machine from 1970 and was recorded at his house. He sat on his living room floor and played and sang his songs and then did overdubs. The overdubs were assisted by Carla Azar of Autolux on drums, Ken Wylde on upright bass and Omar Rodriguez of The Mars Volta, who played lead guitar on two songs. It is a very warm album. It is also very sad, with additional doses of happiness, strength and humor for good measure. I do not exist, but if I did I would put this record on my living room turntable at night and dim the lights, keeping a blanket nearby and nestle into the cozy air molecules this music creates. - Anonymous
Each [album] takes a completely different tone – classic rock, acid jamminess, electronic, acoustic – and the only unifying theme is the scarily naked level of emotion and honesty.” - JANE

New John Poster plus all of his solo albums at a click

Dress your walls with our beautiful new JF Poster featuring a serene b/w shot of John framed by all of his latest solo works (coloured) in 28" x 24"!
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Still missing some of John's works in your collection or can't find them in your nearest record store? You can now order all of them directly online at Record Collection, just follow this link to go straight to RC's John section

A Sphere In The Heart of Silence: The New Album By John - Out November 23rd!

Click here for the tracklisting and bio for ' A Sphere In The Heart of Silence, written by John himself!

Click here for the cover art and official tracklisting for John's 6th release- "Curtains"!

Inside of Emptiness - All about the new album by John!

Click here for the tracklisting and bio written by John especially for his fans!

Amplifier Magazine feature Story:
John Frusciante: Where There's A Will

Issue 44 September/October 2004, on newsstands now! Featuring new photos by Alyssa Scheinson

...."As impressive as six albums in six months sounds, Frusciante insists that he wasn't attempting some novelty studio version of a frat stunt in concocting the half dozen works. "The way it started was I had just done Shadows Collide With People, which took probably a total of a couple of months; I was working at that pace that people are expected to work at nowadays," says Frusciante with a laugh. "And at one point, I went to try out a studio I was thinking of buying. To try it out, I went in for one day and intended to make one recording to see how the place sounded without caring about making mistakes or making it perfect. I just went in with my friend Carla, who plays drums, and the end result were two perfect sounding songs. Our intention was to make mistakes all over the place, and make what I was assuming would be screwed up versions of the songs… and they ended up being way more perfect than anything that I'd slaved over trying to make perfect."...

cover image
contents image
John Image 1
John Image 2
John Image 3
John Image 4
Read the full feature online at

The Official Tribute Album by Fans for John Frusciante

John Frusciante fans around the world have come together to return a musical gift in their very own sweet way by composing a whole album's worth of original music inspired by and for John Frusciante!

This "Tribute For John Frusciante by Fans" album will be sent as a real album complete with original cover art also produced by fans and title to the man himself, who is looking forward to listen to them all... but now it's up to you, all the fans to decide what how this gift should be named and what it should look like!



Here is what the fans say:
"John has given us, the fans, soo much in the past...his talent to begin with, both in the Chili Peppers and with his own early solo material, his kindness in giving us many 'gifts', including letters, the chance to ask him questions which he took the time to answer individually(!) a totally free internet album including many other downloadable tracks and of course a seemingly endless list of albums to indulge in...No artist seemingly cares as much about their fans as he does about we at Ramparts (His fans on the message board) have decided to return the favour and compile a CD's worth of original music, inspired by John and of course, for John!

It's not a lot to give, but it has meant a lot for us to do this...we would like to enable all of John's fans to participate with this gift, by voting on which title and cover image it should have. This is how ALL fans can contribute, not just the musicians.

Thank you John for everything and we hope we have made you smile like you have made us!"


Click here to check out the exclusive ATAXIA eCard featuring photos, bios, a track from the album!

Footage of the LA concert + Interview to be shown on Arte TV and more!

German/French tv channel "Arte" will show an interview with Michael Rother, John Frusciante and Josh Klinghoffer plus excerpts of their LA concert at the Knitting Factory of 05 August 2004 in the music program "LIVE in Tracks" in October 2004.
Please check again for the precise date.
Read reviews of the concert at and
Photos of the show and an interview with Michael Rother (in English) are available at the inofficial John Frusciante fanclub "The 4th Dimension"(See BBS/Ramparts Forum).
(Thanks to Nicolas of rhcpfrance for sending us this info)

Frusciante Interview in prestigeous German 'Spiegel' Magazine: "Creative Berserk Frusciante: I Want To Dedicate Myself Completely"
"Why should I waste time with explaining my work? Ok, I record a new album in 5- 8 days, because I think that more time would simply be a waste. When I record with the Peppers, the tape is being shipped around from one to the other for a week, and in the meantime there are a thousand ideas which you can't realize. Terrible!
In such moments he goes quietly into a backroom, takes his guitar and writes a few songs.He has so many of those by now, that he seriously toys with the idea to "..go on next year as I do right now. I can complete a new album every month, that's no problem, quite to the contrary"...."free improvisation, is for me something like the ideal state of music. And that's why I will never be among those people who let their future be planned for them by image advisers and let managers talk them into their preferences." John leans back emphatically:"I want to dedicate myself completely to my music. Otherwise my life as musician would be wasted. And I don't want to waste precious time ever again." Michael Rother affectionally puts a hand on John's arm, John F. smiles at the room gently. We are looking forward to his albums, and would like to know whether he will soon get aid in his battle against the demise of pop culture. That would be nice - and comforting.
(Translated by Sibél. All rights Spiegel Magazine ©2004. Much thanks to fan Jen a.k.a. Tigger Tiger for sending us this link)
Read the full article/interview at Spiegel Online

"John Frusciante's Brave New Frequencies" - LA Weekly Review/Interview

John Frusciante's brave new frequencies
by John Payne
A couple of weeks ago I spent some time talking to guitarist-composer John Frusciante, best known as a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but also recognized by those close to him as a bit of a seeker of new ways of making music, and new ways of unlocking the doors of perception. Frusciante is in the final stages of a very ambitious dream project, which is to record and release an album a month for up to a year. So far, one has been released, The Will to Death. The second, Automatic Writing, due August 10, is the first half of a collection that¹ll come out under the band name Ataxia, recorded with Fugazi bassist Joe Lally and Bicycle Thief drummer Josh Klinghoffer, the latter of whom also collaborates with Frusciante on The Will to Death and the forthcoming albums in the series.
Click here to read the full interview at La Weekly

Forthcoming Releases

The next three releases after "The Will To Death" will be:
Ataxia: "Automatic Writing"- Release Date: 10th August 2004
(For further info see below)

Frusciante: "The DC EP"- Release Date: 14th September 2004
2. Goals
3. A Corner
For DC E.P. cover art click here

Frusciante: Inside of Emptiness - 10/26/04

Frusciante: A Sphere In The Heat of Silence - 11/23/04

Ataxia: "Automatic Writing" - John Frusciante, Josh Klinghoffer and Joe Lally all in one: Tracklisting and release date

ATAXIA is the brain child of John Frusciante, Josh Klinghoffer of Bicycle Thief, and Joe Lally of Fugazi. The ATAXIA record is part of the John Frusciante solo record series that will continue to be released each month.
To view the cover image click here
Tracklisting is as follows:
(Full length album)
This Is A Preorder Available For Sale 08/10. Click here for more information and order

Rolling Stone: "Frusciante Prepares a Feast"
John on the beauty of imperfection and his new albums

John Frusciante will release six albums over the next six months, starting with the new The Will to Death .
On his previous albums, as recently as last year's Shadows Collide With People, the Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist felt the need to make his recordings technically perfect, but as he listened to some of his favorite recordings, including the Rolling Stones' "Time Is On My Side," he gradually altered his approach.
"Brian Jones is playing a tambourine in that song that's totally out of time," he says. "At the time I was recording Shadows Collide With People,there would be no way in hell that I'd let a tambourine like that go by. I still might not let one go by that sounds that bad, but I use stuff like that as a reference point to remember, 'If they got away with that then I can definitely get away with this.' I started to realize that the right amount of imperfections, when they're spaced evenly across a record, can be really beautiful."
Read the full article at

Two Michael Rother shows featuring John and Josh in August

Michael Rother of NEU!will play 2 shows featuring John Frusciante and Josh Klinghoffer as guests:
August 4th at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco:
More info and tickets at

August 5th at The Knitting Factory in Los Angeles:
Info and tickets at
Both John and Josh are great fans of Michael's music. There will be no shows with John's solo material however in the near future, since this would require too much time rehearsing while John is busy working on fresh material with the band for the new RHCP album.

Letter By John Frusciante to his Fans About "The Will To Death" And Future Albums

John took some time out of his busy touring schedule, to write the following letter for his fans- elaborating on the conception of "The Will To Death" as well as the progression of the following albums.

Click Here For John's Letter To His Fans! (Will open in new window)

Listen To A Sample from John's New Album!

Listen to 'The Mirror', one of the tracks from John's new album "The Will To Death", out in stores June 22nd, and be swept away by its haunting beauty... : The Record Collection Homepage ( Browse for 'The Mirror' in the record collection jukebox top of the page)

John's Handwritten Bio on "The Will To Death"

New: Curious to know more about this new release? John wrote the bio for this album himself to be made available to fans on his site, :so here are John's notes and thoughts, plus his favourite music at the time of recording in the original

Series of new solo albums by John

John Frusciante recordings will now be coming out on the Record Collection label. There are six releases scheduled at this time, all expected to be out before the years end. The first of these is called The Will to Death. It will be in stores June 22nd and will be under his own name. All the instruments are played by his friend Josh Klinghoffer and himself.
Some releases will not be under John's name, such as Ataxia, his project with Joe Lally of Fugazi and Josh Klinghoffer. The first Ataxia record will come out on August 10th. The other four records are all solo recordings excepting one which is an equal collaboration with Josh Klinghoffer.
John has been recording one full length album every month this year and would like to release them about that often. All the music will be released on vinyl as well as on CD.

John Frusciante

Click here to view the cover art of "The Will To Death"

Tracklisting for "The Will To Death"
01.A Doubt
02.An Exercise
03.Time Runs Out
06.The Mirror
07.A Loop
09.Far Away
10.The Days Have Turned
12.The Will to Death
Buy It Now Directly From record Collection!

"From The Sounds Inside" - The Free Internet Album, is back

This material, which has never been published on a commercial album, was made available for free to all John fans via John's site in August 2001. The title was created and chosen by the fan community. Due to redesign, server moves etc. coming with the release of 'Shadows' and the new site, the internet album was not available for a short period, we would like to thank you for your patience and are happy to announce you can now download it in full again at the "Demos" section (scroll down to the very bottom). These songs were are a personal gift from John Frusciante, to you the fans, so please do not ever attempt to exploit other fans by trading them commercially. Enjoy!
John's Free Internet Album

New Live Photos of John Frusciante at the 'All Tommorrow's parties' Festival!

Freelance photographer and ardent John fan Roberta Accettulli from Italy, kindly donated her live photos of John's performance with Vincent Gallo/ Josh Klinghoffer at the 'All Tommorrow's Parties Festvial'/UK, on April 3rd 2004.
Much thanks to Roberta (and please respect her copyright, if you would like to use her photos for your site, contact her first. Thanks!)
Click here to view Roberta's photo album featuring John live at ATP

Next Live Performance 18th May

John will perform live with Omar Rodriguez at the Knitting Factory, Los Angeles on May 18th 2004 as support act for Holger Czukay.
Tickets and further information available at The Knitting Factory

Scene Point Blank Interview With John Frusciante

Scene Point Blank's Evan Chase hooked up with John Frusciante for a revealing chat beyond his new solo record.
From John's recent work with legendary producer Brian Eno and his new band with Fugazi bassist Lally, to his upcoming performance at ATP with Jim O’Rourke & Vincent Gallo, all laced with a dash of creativity, madness and a love of modular synthesizers.. Intrigued? Read the full story at

John Frusciante answers Questions by Fans!

On February 22nd 2004, John invited his fans to pose him any question they like - and they followed this invitation with mutual enthusiasm! All fan response was passed on to John unedited, and here is what he has to say to you in original sound. Enjoy!
John Q&A With Fans in Sound
Update: we have now received the answers to the first 5 questions, you can download these in Word doc format here

'Shadows...' Vinyl Edition Announcement

Please note: A mistake occured during the pressing of the US version of the 'Shadows Collide With People' vinyl edition. Due to this all instrumental pieces now play substantially too fast. The German version of the vinyl is also being re-pressed due to errors in the physical production process. We are currently doing everything possible to solve this problem and will keep you updated in this space.

John Cover Feature in Italian Mucchio Selvaggio Magazine

More than skin deep: This month's edition of Il Mucchio Sevaggio (issue No. 570) is not only adorned by a pretty shot of a relaxed John on its cover but features an extremely in depth and detailed interview inside. Topics range from rare comments on reasons for John leaving the band , via his attitude to sex and relationships, to elaborations on the 4th Dimension clarifying the infamous 'voices in his head' myth... Plenty of good reading with subtantial information plus new live photos by Roberta Accetulli make this a must for any John and RHCP fan.
Mucchio Selvaggio no 570 is available online and on newsstands now
Download the English translation of this interview (pdf format) here!
Much thanks to Italian John fan Federica ("Peperoncina")for translating this interview for us!

Papermag Feature on John

The current edition of Papermag features a 3 page article on John ranging from his early beginnings to Shadows and Brown Bunny.
The full article, including many useful links is available at

People Magazine Review Of "Shadows Collide With People"

"[..] Indeed, Frusciante, with his fluid guitar work and song writing contributions, has been instrumental in the band’s more mature, musical sound heard on releases like 2002’s By The Way. On Frusciante’s 4th solo CD, which improves upon 2001’s “To Record Only Water For Ten Days”, tuneful tracks such as ‘Wednesday’s Song’ and ‘Song To Sing When I’m Lonely’ evoke the kinder, gentler Chili Peppers of faves like ‘Under The Bridge’, ‘Scar Tissue’, and ‘Universally Speaking’. Frusciante, who usually sings harmony for Kiedis, proves himself quite capable of taking the lead here.[..]"

Frusciante finds clarity in the 'Shadows'- IDS News Review of SCWP

From sock on cock to art rock
by Kehla West
John Frusciante's fourth solo album, Shadows Collide with People, is a scatterbrained, eclectic tour de force and a joy to listen to. His guitar work, so sharp and funky for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, mellows for his solo work, and to beautiful effect. Frusciante gets experimental, as he has on his last three solo albums, but this time it really works. This album, though encompassing a wide variety of styles and genres, is ultimately rock music made very, very prettily. It has a rock-snob feel, but when it sounds this good, who cares?[..] The album's standout song is "This Cold," whose title belies it's upbeat tempo and radio-ready sound. It is the most accessible work on the album and sounds great in a car (especially with the windows down). Good rock made great, "This Cold" alone makes the album worth buying.[..]
Read the review in full at

PLUS: Read many more reviews from across the globe here!

Lodown Magazine interview with Vincent Gallo on working with John Frusciante

Regarding your directing music videos. What about John Frusciante? You did a video for every song on his last record. I take it that was more pleasurable...
John Frusciante, first of all, is like a brother to me. We hardly see each other, or talk on the phone, but he's like family to me. He's a person I like a lot, respect and like being around - he's extremely talented. I'll tell you what it's like working with John Frusciante.
Here's how I directed the videos with his record label: He's with a big record label. I said to them, make a cheque for this amount of money. On January 22nd, you have somebody with a cashier's cheque for this amount of money, meet me on this street corner, at this time. I'm going to hand you a digi-data of these videos, and you're going to sign a piece of paper that says you're not to change them, cut them and edit them. You can only show two of them more than once, the rest of them will be shown once on TV all in there entirety, then you can pull two of them and you can show them as videos and distribute them anyway you want. You have to run the credits the way that I say - you can't clip them at the end. I'm not going to pay for any insurance or production costs. You're going to hand me the cheque, and if you don't like them, too bad - that's the terms of the agreement. And they said, 'yes,' because John said, 'Do it like that with Vincent because I want him to do the videos'. Then I'm working with John, he gives me 100% confidence, faith and creative control over the project. He trusts me completely, and I think I've done some of the best things in my life with him. The whole thing was a pleasure. We shot it on Christmas day, a couple of years ago - it was the first time I was really shooting without a crew too.
Full interview in this month's edition of Lodown Magazine

(Much thanks to Laura from A LOVE Supreme at **RedHotInLoveApotamus** Unofficial Brazilian Fanclub )

Hear the entire album now!

In the next few weeks, you will be able to hear SHADOWS COLLIDE WITH PEOPLE online. Visit AOL Keyword: "John Frusciante" or: Netscape to hear it now.
Soon to be available at MSN and Real too.

John's new solo album casts long shadows : More Rave Reviews Worldwide for "Shadows Collide With People"

The Sunday Times:
Sunday Times awards SCWP 'Pop album of the week'. Rating: 3 out of 3, (3 being 'outstanding')
"While other guitarists practise by trying to learn Hendrix riffs or simply trying to play as fast as possible, Frusciante [..]busies himself learning the synth lines played by Kraftwerk or Human League, trying to discover how a simple two- or three-note melody can hook the human heart...Shadows Collide with People marks the point at which Frusciante brings his gift for melody and proper songs to his own work...songs that any Chili Peppers fan should own."
Original review in full at

The Times Interview: Prickly pepper
"...His rehabilitation seems complete on his fourth solo album, however. Shadows Collide with People is his most assured work to date. In 18 songs, from psychedelia to ambient chatter and new-wave pop, Frusciante has produced several moments of shimmering beauty and innocence that remind me of the Beach Boys’ post-Sixties rebirth."
Read the full interview at

Many more reviews here

John Frusciante talks to Dan Kramer - an in depth interview exclusively for John Frusciante Online

Our New Year's present for all John fans! This feature length, in depth interview was conducted by Dan Kramer on 15th August in London exclusively for John Frusciante Online and John's fans! Click here for the Interview!
Behind the Scenes: Originally this interview was planned very shortly in advance at a time when John was touring the UK summer festivals and booked out with other media engagements already. Initially there were not even supposed to be any more interviews due to the time contraints- however management made an exception when they heard this was going to be exclusively for the fans! So what would it be like to interview someone who is this busy and famous, is being inundated with questions from all sides, wherever he goes? To Dan's surprise, what may have easily been a monosyllabic tour de force within a hectic festival schedule, turned into an easygoing, flowing talk between two music enthustiasts. He found a person who was warm, open and very concentrated on his talking partner- John gave all freely, and more than was asked for! The interview turned into a wonderfully detailed, open account of John's thoughts and feelings, going a good half hour over the scheduled time. As Dan recalls John was sitting sprawled out on the couch, giving the impression he was very comfortable with the here and now, with himself, very relaxed but together simultaneously. The most surprising thing perhaps was John's openeness. "If you asked him a question it could go anywhere at all!" The overall impression was that of a person who is hopeful and optimistic about the future, and most of all who feels very free with his life, having reached a stage where he could do anything he wanted, anytime, fulfilled by doing what he loves best. Dan Kramer was born in Texas, now living and working in London and is a freelance journalist specialising in music for the BBC. Enjoy this encounter with John in his own words and look forward to a newly designed, lively John Frusciante Online Home in the beginning of the new year! Wishing you happy & peaceful holidays and a wonderful New Year wherever you are.

John Live on air double date on 18th February!

*18th February Radio Date 1: Radio 1, Berlin 13:00 hrs CET
- John Frusciante talks on Radio 1(Berlin.More details on this feature:Radio
Listen via livestream:Radio Eins Live Stream

*18th February Radio Date 2: Fritz Radio, Berlin from 14:00 hrs CET
-Interview with John Frusciante about his solo work and the new album by RHCP etc.
Listen to the interview in the Fritz archives here!

Rave Reviews for "Shadows Collide With People" across the world

3 Star Review by Rolling Stone: "Shadows collide with people" is the most polished solo album yet from Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante; his last three albums, beginning with 1995's painful Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt, vary in quality from hauntingly lovely to druggy and unlistenable.
Shadows is the only one that resembles his band's output; it also lets you hear how Frusciante has made the Peppers more varied, experimental and, most important, melodic. The evidence is everywhere:"Shadows Collide With People" is full of a lush, bubbling beauty that proves Frusciante's personal rehabilitation has taken his music further than ever.
His singing is vastly improved and newly assured, and the synth work that fleshed out previous solo albums is now given room to breathe in both the ambient numbers and in proper tunes such as "Regret" and "Wednesday's Song," which continue in the psychedelic-pop direction of the Peppers' 2002 album By the Way. The contribution Frusciante has made to the Peppers -- a band he joined as a nineteen-year-old fan -- is finally obvious. Read the full review and add your own views on "Shadows" at Guitar World Acoustic:
"Shadows Collide with People is the the latest transmission from the Frusciante dimension. It's an eerily beautiful place where death is happy and time not real, where weird synth sonar beams illuminate the melodic majesty of acoustic guitar driven pop tunes. Welcome." Guitar Player:
"John Frusciante, Shadows Collide with People. The guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers goes solo in a big way with this sprawling, creative masterwork of cool sounds, weird noises, and memorable songs." Further rave revs came from:
Kerrang Magazine: 4 out of 5
Total Guitar Magazine: 4 out of 5 :"Another confident solo outing from a bona fide guitar legend.[...] one of the sweetest acoustic moments we have heard in years"

Three full Songs From John's New Album!

Our special gift for John's fans: Immerse yourself in 3 full length songs from John's new album "Shadows Collide With People" and exclusive John/Shadows buddy icons - Enjoy! Windows Media Player Song To Sing When I'm Lonely - Modem Connection Song To Sing When I'm Lonely - Broadband Connection Wednesday's Song - Modem Connection Wednesday's Song - Broadband Connection Carvel - Modem Connection Carvel - Broadband Connection QuickTime Song To Sing When I'm Lonely
Wednesday's Song
AND: Brand new, animated John & Shadows Buddy Icons and BBS Avatars for you! AIM Icon, 8KB
BBS/mail icons with smooth merge transition, 28KB
Features backloop to the beginning, 40KB

Live From The Knitting Factory in LA

Hear exclusive audio of John's performance on Jan. 5th! To listen, choose your preferred audio format and connection speed: John Frusciante Live Part 1 (35:33) - Quicktime John Frusciante Live Part 2 (2:45) - Quicktime John Frusciante Live Part 1 (35:33) - Windows Media Audio LO | HI John Frusciante Live Part 2 (2:45) - Windows Media Audio LO | HI


John Frusciante with Moris Tepper (ex - Captain Beefheart) and special guests
"The Knitting Factory", Los Angeles, Ca.
Price: $15.00
Date: Mon, Feb 02
tart Time: 8:00 PM
Tickets from: The Knitting Factory


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