End of General Availability for MIPS® IRIX® Products -- December 2006
  • Production Extended through 2008 by Special Arrangement
  • Ongoing Product and Platform Support through 2013

SGI launched the MIPS IRIX family of products in 1988. Since then, this technology has powered servers, workstations, and visualization systems used extensively in Manufacturing, Media, Science, Government/Defense, and Energy. After nearly two decades of leading the world in innovation and versatility, the MIPS IRIX products will end their general availability on December 29, 2006.

  • MIPS/IRIX End of General Availability: December 29, 2006

The current product lines available as new include the SGI® Origin® 3900 and SGI® Origin® 350 servers, and the Silicon Graphics Fuel® and Silicon Graphics® Tezro® workstations. These systems will continue shipping through December 2006.

SGI's Long-term Commitment to our Customers
The MIPS IRIX products continue to be a viable solution for many customers, with millions of dollars invested over the years. Product availability and fulfillment will continue as usual until the EOP date. All customer purchase orders for new MIPS IRIX products will need to be received no later than December 29, 2006, with order fulfilled no later than March 2007. After this date, these products will be available as new systems through special arrangement only.

  • Product Line Extension Agreement
    Specific system integrators, OEMs, and end users have developed technology on the MIPS IRIX platform and require product commitments after December 29, 2006. For these special needs, SGI will enter into an agreement for extending the EOP up to two additional years, through December 2008. Please contact your SGI Sales representative if you have delivery requirements beyond March 2007 for additional details.
  • Remarketed Products
    SGI also offers these products as remanufactured. These refurbished systems are available as supply allows, and supply of some configurations may be constrained.

Ongoing Support
End of support (EOS) for MIPS/IRIX products and the IRIX operating systems is currently scheduled for no sooner than December 2013. Technology Solutions has a dedicated support planning team and a comprehensive process in place to ensure continued product support. Your investment will be protected. Service capabilities for products that have reached the end of production (EOP) phase are reviewed annually and every effort is made to extend whenever possible. This process has enabled us to extend support for SGI products well beyond industry expectations.

If you have additional questions on the MIPS IRIX end of production, please contact your regional SGI representative or send us an e-mail.