Who we are and what we do

Thunderbolt's aim is to be the best volunteer-run videogames website on the planet.

With staff in the UK, North America and New Zealand, Thunderbolt is an independent source of news, previews, reviews and features, covering all the major gaming platforms. Since 2000, our goal has been to provide gamers with a source of information that they can trust and rely on. It's not our intention to cover everything, so if you're looking for breaking news and millions of screenshots, then we suggest looking at larger sites like GameSpot and IGN.

What we hope you'll turn to Thunderbolt for are first class articles that aren't crowded out by tons of adverts, a thousand different colours and a hugely bloated user interface. We encourage writing freedom, we don't chase advertising revenue and we're not afraid to be a bit controversial from time to time. What you'll find here are honest opinions from real gamers.

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