The 25 Greatest Moments from "The Office"

All the best scenes, from Dwight's Mussolini speech to "green is whorish"

Lindsey ThomasPosted Oct 17, 2007 11:51 AM

16. "Christmas Party," Season 2: A drunk, naked Meredith (Kate Flannery) greets Michael in his office after the holiday party. He snaps a picture and leaves.

17. "Michael's Birthday," Season 2: Michael is shocked to find out that Kevin's skin cancer test was negative: "Apparently in the medicine community, negative means 'good,' which makes absolutely no sense. In the real world community that would be chaos."

18. "Dwight's Speech," Season 2: Accepting his regional salesman of the year award, Dwight gives a speech that veers only slightly from Mussolini's "War Statement." Watch HERE

19. "Basketball," Season 1: Kevin, who Michael kept out of the office-vs-warehouse basketball game, shows incredible free-throw skills once the game is finished.

20. "The Injury," Season 2: Hearing that Michael has burned his foot on a George Forman Grill, Dwight rushes to help him. But before he has even left the parking lot, he crashes his car and throws up on the back windshield. Watch HERE