The Votes Are In, And the Winner Is...

For the first annual Golden Boob Award, one group has distinguished itself head and shoulders below the rest.

Wasting time, effort and energy that could be better spent on legitimate breast cancer issues? Check!

Misleading the public and creating needless anxiety? Check!

Spreading false medical information? Undeniably.

And the winner is...(drumroll)...

The Abortion/Breast Cancer Coalition (ABC) for asserting that abortion leads to an increased risk of breast cancer, despite lacking one shred of relevant proof to back up this claim. ABC's stock in trade - pseudo-science, fear mongering, and flat-out lies - has threatened the integrity of serious efforts to find ways to prevent, treat, cure, and ultimately end breast cancer.

A panel of experts at the National Cancer Institute concluded that there is no credible evidence to back up this claim, and the largest and most reliable research studies have found that no such link exists. This group is using breast cancer as a scare tactic, pure and simple.

Their charges have created unnecessary distress for women who may have had abortions and might worry about being at greater risk for breast cancer. Who pays the price for ABC's distortions? Women with breast cancer whose lives may hinge on finding the true cause of the disease.

For this gross disservice, ABC deserves to be the first winner of the Golden Boob Award.

NBCC is also awarding a special "Dishonorable Mention" Golden Boob Award to a recent high-level presidential appointee who is currently the medical director of A Women's Concern, an organization that also states a connection between abortion and breast cancer. That appointee is Dr. Eric Keroack, who has been named deputy assistant secretary for population affairs at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This appointment does not require Senate confirmation.

Read more about the Keroack nomination here.

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