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Twenty-two-year-old singer-songwriter Howie Day's first album was a bit piecemeal, so for his second he started with a concept, and the concept was "Radiohead is a great band!" On Stop All the World Now, the formerly folky elements of Day's music are layered with oddball effects and a thick, emotive fog of production. Aside from the uncanny resemblance of "Come Lay Down" to about half of OK Computer, the singer just exaggerates Thom Yorke's poesy, and his sensitive-wretch vocal style, until Day becomes a beacon of vulnerability, writ way larger. The yearning "Brace Yourself" is dreamy, and the pensive "Collide" is quite quavery, but a good deal of the chorus of "Sunday Morning Song" consists of Day moaning, "Yea-eh-ah-ahhh" -- he's a singer-songwriter for the Backstreet generation. Understand: Stop is not bad. It's tender and well-felt and pretty. But even though Day emotes up and down the record, the music feels indistinct, even sorta impersonal.

(RS 935, November 13, 2003)

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Bluemask writes:

3of 5 Stars

Singer-songwriter Howie Day certainly wins the ernesty award for this album. Songs such as Collide and End Of Our Days are schmultz but are forgiven due to fact that Day means every bad couplet. Perfect Time Of Day, Brace Yourself and She Says (an update from his debut) are awash in strings and are genuinlly catchy but the rest of the album is bogged down by incessent noodlning and studio tinkering. Day has tried to cram his Bends and OK Computer all into the same album and come up short. Still not a bad album to sip your Starbucks to.

Jan 7, 2006 00:22:28

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