The Scottish Government

The Scottish Government is the devolved administration for Scotland, dealing with all devolved issues independently of the UK Government. Devolution is the delegation of power from a central government to local bodies. This enables decisions to be made at a level closer to the point at which they have an impact. However, some areas remain reserved to the UK Parliament such as Foreign Affairs, Defence and National Security, and Social Security. The Scottish Government was officially renamed on 3 September 2007, having formerly been known as the Scottish Executive.

Leader Alex Salmond MP MSP
The First Minister for Scotland
Structure Cabinet Government: First Minister leads the Cabinet and selects 5 Cabinet Secretaries, each representing one portfolio such as Finance and Sustainable Growth
Budget £31 billion
Location St. Andrews House, Edinburgh
Political Party Scottish National Party (Minority Administration)
(Not in Cabinet)
10 Scottish Ministers each reporting to a Cabinet Secretary, 2 Law Officers (non-political)
Devolved Powers
  • Health
  • Education and Training
  • Local Government
  • Social Work
  • Housing
  • Planning
  • Tourism
  • Economic Development
  • Law and Home Affairs
  • Police and Fire
  • The Environment
  • Natural and Built Heritage
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  • Sport and The Arts
  • Statistics
  • Transport

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