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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


To run or not to run vs. Binay

Lito Lapid to abide by Lakas-CMD decision

SEN. Lito Lapid said on Tuesday that his decision to run or not to run against Mayor Jejomar Binay of Makati in the 2007 mayoralty elections would depend on the stand of his party.

 “I’m keeping my options open. I would follow what Lakas would tell me whether I run or not,” Lapid said.

Last week Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr. cautioned Lapid not to run against Binay because he would be committing “a political hara-kiri.”

Lapid was reportedly enticed by President Arroyo and her husband Mike Arroyo to run against Binay who, as chairman of the United Opposition, has turned the city into an opposition bailiwick.

Lapid admitted that he has rented a house in Magallanes Village to establish residence.

Pimentel said the only reason the Arroyos want Lapid to replace Binay is to stop the city particularly Ayala Avenue in Makati’s financial center, from being the permanent staging ground for opposition-organized demonstrations.

The First Couple believe that Lapid, known as Leon Guerrero in movies, can match the charisma and popularity of Binay.

Binay is expected to run for a third and final term next year.

Pimentel said Lapid, although popular, is no match to the political savvy of Binay and is better off running for mayor of Angeles City, where he is sure to win.

Pimentel and Binay are founding members of the PDP-Laban, a member of the opposition coalition fighting against the Arroyo administration.
--Patricia Esteves




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