Chizik revisits weaknesses in Texas' playbook
Former Longhorns coordinator studied hours of game film

By Cody Hale
Iowa State's head coach Gene Chizik directs his team in the first half of the college football game against Nebraska in Lincoln, Saturday.
Media Credit: AP
Iowa State's head coach Gene Chizik directs his team in the first half of the college football game against Nebraska in Lincoln, Saturday.

Greg Davis knows Iowa State coach Gene Chizik better than that.

The Texas offensive coordinator remembers visiting with Chizik during offensive meetings. He remembers seeing Chizik studying game film and taking notes. The two often shared advice and offered criticism regarding both sides of the ball for the Longhorns.

During Chizik's two years as co-defensive coordinator (2005 and 2006) of the Longhorns, Davis and Chizik spent countless hours watching film together.

Chizik not only studied strengths and weaknesses of opponents, but Texas' as well.

Now is the time that Chizik will revisit his years at Texas and recall all of the Longhorns' weaknesses.

And Davis knows Chizik held onto all those little notes. He knows Chizik would never let go of something that important.

"He really liked to visit during meetings and film, and I liked to do that as well," Davis said. "So, we had many hours worth of yellow pages full of notes about what hurt [Texas] the most. He kept his yellow pages, so I'm sure he's feeling good now."

Maybe not as good as Davis thinks.

In Chizik's first season as head coach of Iowa State, the Cyclones are a dismal 1-5 but share a similar 0-2 record with the Longhorns in the Big 12. Chizik's only victory of the season came against Iowa when kicker Bret Culbertson hit a game-winning 28-yard field goal with :01 remaining.

"It's been an up-and-down season, and we've shot ourselves in the foot and gave some of the games away," safety James Smith said. "[Chizik] is a great coach."

Despite losing five of six games this season, the Cyclones look at their lone win for some much-needed confidence.

"It shows that this team can play when we're on the same page," Smith said.

And Chizik is a coach that has the skills necessary to take down a team like Texas. Whether Iowa State has enough talent in all positions to cause an

upset is another question.

While Chizik relinquished his defensive play-calling duties when he left Texas, he still remembers what hurts the Longhorns the most.
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