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No Doubt select Glen Ballard to produce "Tragic" follow-up

Posted Jan 15, 1999 12:00 AM

Up until last month, super-producer Michael Beinhorn (Hole, Marilyn Manson) looked like a shoe-in to man the boards for No Doubt's follow-up to their platinum-selling Tragic Kingdom. Just two weeks ago, the nouveau ska band's spokesperson cautioned "not to count out Michael," as the band continued their search for the perfect knob-twirler. But in a surprise move, No Doubt hired Alanis Morissette hitmaker Glen Ballard to guide their next effort.

"At first the band were leery to meet with Glen, because they thought he would put too much of his stamp on their music," one source said. "But they had the best meeting of all the producers they interviewed, and knew they wanted him right away. They just clicked." Bassist Tony Kanal reportedly told friends that he was impressed with Ballard's personality, as well as the producer's insistence that he wasn't into overbearing production. "He said he was very much into just tweaking our stuff, and wasn't about to put his own stamp on us."

Interscope Records confirms that No Doubt have absolutely no doubts about Ballard after their meeting. "They're really looking forward to working with him," said a label spokesperson. Some pundits, however, say the reason that No Doubt *did* select Ballard is due to his very hands-on approach. Why might that be? Because Eric Stefani, Gwen's brother, who co-wrote many of the songs on Tragic Kingdom including the massive hit "Don't Speak," is not involved in this album. (Eric left the band to pursue a career as an animator for The Simpsons.) No Doubt's label fervently denies that theory: "Eric is not involved, except maybe behind the scenes. The band is not trying to replace him with Glen. They've already written thirty songs."
The band is due to enter a Los Angeles studio in February.

(January 15, 1999)


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