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Meeting of the Alliance for Europe of the Nations

Milan 2 and 3 December 2004


After a short welcome to the various representatives of the different Party Member Parties of the Alliance, the Secretary General, Mrs Cristiana Muscardini reminded in her opening speech the functions, the targets, the ideals as well as the recent stages of the Alliance for Europe of the Nations.

Political discussions :
The discussion was focused on two topic issues the accession of Turkey and the recent development of presidential elections in Ucraina.
In this context the Alliance’s Members present at the meeting elaborated two statements, annexed to the minute.

New Membership to the Alliance:
A new Member , the Provincial Party from Hungary was unanimously accepted as a new Member of the Alliance ; it was also decided to admit the new HZD party from Slovakia, replacing the previous dissolved Ludova Unia. The Members noted, without taking any decision, the request for membership from the Serbian Party « Movement for Serbia » and the request of association for the cypriot party Ischys.
National Liberal Party from Romania : Mr Iliescu, responsible for the internation relations of the party informed the Alliance that this party is a Member of the Liberal family in Europe ; however he will bring the documentation of the AEN to the Bureau of the Party and will see whether or not it could eventually join the AEN.

Activity for 2005:
Three delegations proposed to host a meeting of the Alliance next year : the Polish delegation proposed a meeting in Poland, being held in September or June ; the Cypriot delegation proposed a meeting next May and the Albanian delegation next July. In addition it is possible to held a meeting in Paris nrext Spring, with the presence of Mr Szarkozy, UMP Chairman.
Youth organizations :
The Secretary General Mrs Muscardini reminded the importance to start meetings among the different youth organizazions of the Member Parties. Mr Bielan welcomed the proposal.
Internal nominations :
During the last UEN Bureau meeting it was proposed to appoint Mr Kaminski, Mr Pavilonis and Mr Zile as additional Vice Presidents. The proposal has been now ratified by the Members. In addition Mrs Muscardini proposed to apppoint Mr Eugenio Preta ad Deputy Secretary General of the Alliance for Europe of the Nations. The proposal was unanimously accepted.

Financial aspects:
The Alliance received from the Parliament the subvention of 121,0000 EUROs for a budget of 165,000 EUROs for 2004. The difference of 25%, necessary for the activity, pursuant to the Rules of the Basic Regulation on the matter, has been covered this year through a contribution of the Italian Member Party Alleanza Nazionale.
For the next year 2005, the Alliance ha requested to the Parliament a subvention of 450,000 EUROs for a global budget of 600,000 EURO ( please find provisional budget annexed). Any activity of the Alliance can be organized if we are able to obtain this subvention from the Parliament and the condition to obtain it is linked to the capacity of the Allliance to provide the remaining 25% of the amount ;in this case 150,000 EUROs, if the Parliament accepts the request of 6000,000 EUROs, as it is in the provisional budget.
Therefore Mrs Muscardini invited all the Members present at the meeting to inform the Deputy Secretary General Mr Preta by January 15 2004 on their respective capacities to give their own financial contribution to the Alliance, so that we can start to set up our programmes.
This argument was supported by Mr Andrews, from the Irish delegation, who stressed the importance of providing the Alliance with the necessary means to allow it to continue the political activity.