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When the media finally decides to remove the knee pads and wipe up after the Joe Torre press conference (it’s such a big deal, we hear the Food network will carry the feed live), hopefully they will find some time to ruminate over the postseason dominance of Josh Beckett. Even if you only saw snippets between another hilarious episode of The Office (is there a better laugh-out-loud show on TV?) and the thrilling USF/Rutgers game, then you know the movement on his pitches was filthy. We must have switched channels during commercials just in time to see Beckett strike out at least five Indians. (Actually, it totally reminded us of a time, maybe 15 years ago, when we decided to only fast forward to the best parts of the Karate Kid - Daniel getting his ass kicked on the beach, Daniel getting pushed down that hill on his bike, the Halloween party where Johnny rolls the joint and then kicks Daniel’s ass, etc - and we swear that each time we randomly press play, one of our best scenes was on. There were probably three witnesses. It was epic.) Where does that leave CC Sabathia? He’s 1-2 in the postseason, but if you were on a dig in Tunisia for the last six months, and were told these were the two best pitchers in the AL, there’d be no question who your Cy Young winner is.

Here’s the best part of Game six - it doesn’t coincide with Friday Night Lights! At the risk of interrupting serious baseball talk … is it even possible to play F, Marry, Kill with Lyla, Tyra and Julie? Oh, sure it is.

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18 Responses to “Too Bad They Can’t Re-Do the Cy Young Award Voting”

Guest post by Bill Simmons.

im not going to lie…im a huge Indians homer, but after watching Beckett during his last 2 appearances, he deserves it completely.

Roger Clemens was his idol when Beckett was growing up

you see a lot of Roger Clemens in Beckett

lets just hope Beckett repects himself and stays retired when he is at that point

I look forward to Beckett highlighting his hair and bringing announcers to tears.

I only saw two filthy Beckett strikeouts. That curveball was sick last night. I missed the rest of the K’s as I was cleaning the Irrigation Room after PB&J’s visit.

josh beckett is the modern day bob gibson.

post world war II, if i had to choose two pitchers to fill out my starting rotation for a postseason run, gibson and beckett would be my first two starters.

He’s a hell of a post season pitcher just like Clemens too.

I’m thinking he was going to win it regardless. Bigger market, magic 20 win plateau, etc. The only difference is that now I think he deserves it.

He should win it, he came up huge in a late season game against the Yankees to stop the losing streak. That win kept the Red Sox with a semi comfortable lead in the division down the stretch.

BALCO implications showering down in 5…4…3…2…

What Beckett does in October has *nothing* to do with whether he should win the Cy Young.

It’s a regular season award. This is not complicated.

C.C. Sabathia was the best pitcher in the American League from April to September.

There’s a reason why guys like David Eckstein can’t/won’t win a regular season MVP. Three (unquestionably) awesome games does not a season make.

Vegas Watch is right on. Regular season awards ought to remain solely regular season awards. If not, Kaz Matsui could be the NL MVP.

Please, Beckett is good, but I still would take Johann Santana over him any day of the week, any year (including this year) and there is no debate. If you have one pitcher who you’re depending on to win a game, Beckett is a solid no. 2, but there’s no touching Santana. If the Twins weren’t reliant on Nick Punto and the rest of their shoddy talent (aside from Mauer, Hunter and Morneau) he would have won the Cy Young easily.

Beckett is good, but please, he isn’t Bob Gibson. He isn’t Roger Clemens. He isn’t Nolan Ryan. Keep the hyperbole to a minimum, he’s had a ridiculous run no doubt, but Santana is still the King of the Hill.

Nolan Ryan? The greatest strikeout pitcher of all time (no doubt) was also the most overrated pitcher of all time. He isn’t even in the conversation with Gibson, Clemens, or even Santana and Beckett (if they keep it up for a few more years).

5400 innings of 111 ERA+ is outstanding. If he had better run support through the years, he would’ve won 400 games (Yes, I realize wins are a horrible way to evaluate pitchers, but WOW).

While it’s certainly nice to have, a Cy Young isn’t validation of baseball immortality. For every Roger Clemens, there’s a John Denny. For every Randy Johnson, a Randy Jones.

However, Beckett’s got something now much more valuable than any Cy.

He’s the Best Big Game Pitcher Walking The Planet.

(and I’m no Sox sucker, believe me. I’m a Yankee fan. I didn’t think he could get better than he was in 2003, but I may have been wrong about that)

Really, after what he’s done in his past two postseason rides, how could you pick anyone else? Yes, Johan Santana is very good. He’s also got an ERA of 3.97 in the postseason. Good numbers. Beckett’s is 1.78. That’s HOF stuff when it matters most.

When you had a season like Beckett did, and take into consideration how dominant he’s been in the postseason and beat Sabathia like a drum twice, that amplifies his argument on why he should win the Cy Young. I know it’s supposed to be a “regular season award”, but let’s be real here. Beckett is a better pitcher than Sabathia this year.

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