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Have you ever wanted to make an adventure game like Sierra's King's Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry or Quest for Glory? Well, now you can!

With SCI Studio, you can create games using the exact same engine Sierra used! If you aren't familiar with SCI Studio, check out the FAQ page.

  News - Monday, March 5th, 2006

SCI Studio VGA Archive Released

Here it is!

I've finally gotten around to releasing the SCI Studio VGA stuff, source code, and template. I had become busy with other things, including work, as well as exploring other areas of game and hardware development. For to pure sake of becoming a well rounded developer, I couldn't just put all my energy towards one project. However, I didn't want to release SCI Studio VGA until it was completed, but was always just too busy with these other things to get around to doing just that. As a result, it sat collecting virtual dust for a number of years. I sincerely regret this, and wish I had just posted it a long time ago. Better late than never though!

I'm releasing this all as FULL PUBLIC DOMAIN! No GPL or other licenses! You are free to do absolutely anything you wish with it. Distribute it! Modify it! Play with it! Learn from it! (The exception being the SynEdit syntax highlighting component, which was developed by other developers, and uses another license already). It comes with no warranty or support though, it's in your hands now!

SCI Studio VGA has support for viewing all versions of SCI, including SCI32 and LSCI, though because the code was still development, two different exes needed to be compiled, one for LSCI, and one for support of others. A simple code modification could be done to make it support them all in one, but that's the state it's in right now.

The VGA template game for SCI Studio VGA is mostly complete, but not entirely. You'll need the SCI Studio VGA script compiler to do anything with it (included in the SSVGA source code), and LSL1VGA, the interpreter which it's based on. It surely can be tweaked to work on others, but it's in your hands now to do so!


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