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The first game in the Dragon Quest series was released in Japan in 1986. Created by three men, Yuji Horii, Akira Toriyama, and Koichi Sugiyama, the first Dragon Quest game was intended to be an RPG that would appeal to Japanese audiences (the Ultima series, which was basically the only type of RPG available at the time, was too confusing for the average gamer). The first Dragon Quest game proved to be extremely popular, and invented the console RPG genre.

In 1992, three years after the release of the original Dragon Quest game in Japan, Enix released Dragon Warrior, under license from Nintendo. Nintendo improved upon the original Dragon Quest, cleaning up the game's in-game art and programming. Nintendo then offered the game as a part of a promotion for its new Nintendo Power magazine, allowing many people to experience the game who might otherwise have ignored it.

Dragon Warrior II, III, and IV followed, released under Enix's new Enix of America Corporation. These games did not receive as much publicity as the original Dragon Warrior, but still sold fairly well. Dragon Warrior V, which should have been the next game in the series, was being prepared when Enix of America closed its doors.

For seven years, the Dragon Warrior series was absent from America. Then, Eidos Interactive released Dragon Warrior Monsters, and Enix returned to America. Enix has now released Dragon Warrior I&II, Torneko: Last Hope, Dragon Warrior III, and Dragon Warrior VII in the US. Although the American release of Dragon Quest IV PSX was cancelled, it seems that Enix is here to stay.

Famicom (NES) / MSX Home Computer
1986 - Dragon Quest1.5 million copies sold by 3/31/00
1987 - Dragon Quest II: Pantheon of Evil Spirits2.4 million copies sold by 3/31/00
Famicom (NES)
1988 - Dragon Quest III: And Then, Into the Legend3.8 million copies sold by 3/31/00
1990 - Dragon Quest IV: The Chosen Ones3.1 million copies sold by 3/31/00
Super Famicom (SNES)
1992 - Dragon Quest V: Heaven's Bride2.8 million copies sold by 3/31/00
1992 - Torneko no Daibouken (Taloon's Great Adventure)Sales figures not available.
1993 - Dragon Quest I and II Remix1.2 million copies sold by 3/31/00
1994 - Dragon Quest VI: Illusionary World3.2 million copies sold by 3/31/00
1996 - Dragon Quest III RemixSales figures not available.
1999 - Torneko no Daibouken (Taloon's Great Adventure) IISales figures not available.
2000 - Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden4 million+ copies
Game Boy Color
1998 - Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's WonderlandSales figures not available.
1999 - Dragon Quest I and II RemixSales figures not available
2000 - Dragon Quest III RemixSales figures not available.
2001 - Dragon Quest Monsters II: Lucca's JourneySales figures not available
2001 - Dragon Quest Monsters II: Ill's AdventureSales figures not available
Sales figures provided by DQNN

1989 - Dragon Warrior500 thousand copies sold
1990 - Dragon Warrior II150 thousand copies sold
1991 - Dragon Warrior III95 thousand copies sold
1992 - Dragon Warrior IV80 thousand copies sold
2000 - Torneko: Last HopeSales figures not available.
2001 - Dragon Warrior VIISales figures not available.
Game Boy Color
2000 - Dragon Warrior MonstersSales figures not available.
2000 - Dragon Warrior I&IISales figures not available
2001 - Dragon Warrior IIISales figures not available.
Sales figures provided by DQNN

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