2nd/9th Australian Armoured Regiment

The Role of Armour in the Australian Defence Force is defined as:

"The co-ordination with other arms, to close with and destroy the enemy forces using fire, manoeuvre and shock action."

The 2nd/9th Australian Armoured Regiment was a regiment of the 2nd Armoured Brigade, 1st Armoured Division during the Second World War. It was formed in July 1941 and was disbanded in August 1945.

The Regiment was comprised of the following sub units:

Regimental Headquarters (RHQ)
A Squadron
B Squadron
C Squadron

The regiment was initially equipped with M3 Grant medium tanks and later received Matilda tanks.

2nd/9th Australian Armoured Regiment M3 Grant Tank - on exercise near Herberton, Qld 19-8-1943.



9 Troop, B Squadron, 2nd/9th Australian Armoured Regiment Matilda Tanks - moving east Labuan, Borneo 10-6-1945.



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Date of Formation:
July 1941

Date of Disbandment:
August 1945

Unit Colour Patch:


Unit History Book(s)
Waltzing Matildas: The Men and Machines of the 2/9th Australian Armoured Group in Australia and Borneo, 1941-1946.
Peter Donovan


2/9th Australian Armoured Regiment - Regimental Ball ticket - 25th September, 1941

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