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  Event Details  
  Event Title   Central/South-Western, WA: Cyclone   
  Event Category   Cyclone   
  GLIDE Number      
  Event Start Date   03/01/1979   
  Event End Date   03/01/1979   

Duration of Event

  0 day/s   
  Zone   Western Australia   
  Region   Carnarvon   
  Map   220   
  Human Casualties  
  People Killed   15   
  People Injured    
  People Affected   2,000   
  People Homeless   10   
  People Evacuated      
  Property Damaged   Damaged Destroyed  
  Ships     1    
  Financial Cost  
  Insured Cost  
  Loss Assessment Cost  
  Commercial/Industry Cost  
  Total Cost  
  Cost Source      
  Cost Type      
  Information Sources  
  Source/s   Printed Press - Major Daily Newspapers
Government Agency - Bureau of Meteorology
Business or Professional Association - Insurance Council of Australia
Publication/Report - Macquarie Book of Events
Publication/Report - Australian Almanac 
  Severity/ Impact      
  Impact Range      
  TC Hazel caused a Taiwanese fishing vessel to sink near Carnarvon, drowning its 15 crew. Extensive damage also resulted along the southern coast and hinterland.