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Sing! Dance! Give Us Money!

So we were hanging out plotting Seattle's future the other night when legendary folk singer Jim Page walks in and sez, "I wanna do a benefit for you, and I got a friend named Chris Chandler coming to town, and we can do it on July 18." So we said: "Um. SURE!"

So now it's your turn. Repeat after us: "Um."..... (ready? now the next part). "SURE!" Mark your calendars for the first (but hopefully not last) ETS! benefit concert/show/shindig/party, July 18, 8:30 PM in the Social Hall at University Baptist Church: 4554 12th Ave. NE in Seattle's scenic U- District. Suggested donation $5, but you can pay more if you want. All proceeds go to help publish Eat The State!, Seattle's truly invaluable (we think) weekly source of news, opinion, and thoughtful ridicule. As you can plainly see by the lack of ads, we rely on individual donations and your generosity to make this project happen, so come support us and hear some great music at the same time. For over 20 years, Jim's blend of music, humor, and political commentary has enchanted audiences, and if Chris is a friend of Jim's chances are he's pretty damn good, too. Join us! For more info, call 206-632-1656.

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