Basilica San Marco
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Zen Chapel San Marco plan

Zen Chapel bronzes

Antonio, Pietro and Tullio Lombardo,
with bronze casting specialists including
Lorenzo Bregno and Paolo Savin, 1504-21
(restoration and cleaning, 1984)

Constructed at the beginning of the sixteenth century as a funerary chapel for Cardinal Giovanni Battista Zen, the Zen Chapel, located in the southwest corner of the Basilica, was originally open to the Piazzetta and thus served as the primary ducal and ceremonial entrance from the sea. In 1504, the procurators of San Marco contracted Antonio Lombardo to build this funerary chapel for Cardinal Giovanni Battista Zen; Antonio, however, left Venice for Ferrara in 1506, and his father Pietro and later his brother Tullio completed the project. Antonio is credited not only with the overall design of the chapel, but also with the beautiful bronze sculpture of a Madonna and Child seated on a throne, which is known as theMadonna of the Shoe.Considered one of the most beautiful sculptures in Venice, it is notable for its unified composition and the intimate relationship between mother and child.

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Doge view
Madonna of the Shoe