Don't let the stories be lost in the flames.

We are want to hear Your Story about Burnie's Old Adult Ed building or the Old Burnie High School

We are collecting stories about memories and connections to the Burnie building known as The Old Adult Ed Building or the Old Burnie High School building, which burned down in the early hours of 27th April 2007.

The building was opened in 1929 and used as a place of learning until recently, where it was in the process of being transformed into the new home for the Creative Paper Tasmania Interpretation Centre and Visitor Information Centre.

If you have any stories, photographs, memories, experiences or feelings about this loved building that you would like to share and be recorded forever, please feel free to post them on this site.

Recent Stories

The Adult Ed building for me (or as I had started to call it The New Creative Paper Tasmania) Had grown to symbolslise so much for me personally as well as in my capacity as the Manager of the handmade paper mill. Continue Reading

My high school days were long ago and far away, not in Burnie, so my snippets are only from occasional Adult Ed courses. Continue Reading

I was a Parklands High School student through E and D classes in these buildings in the 1960s while the “new”  building was being built on the edge of town. I have five recollections: Continue Reading

Well i have only ever been inside this wonderful building twice in my life time, i’m only 24 years old. But now i have realised that i have missed the opportunity to know her as the grand lady she was. Continue Reading

On Friday morning, April 27th we received a phone call from our daughter in Launceston asking if it was true that the former Adult Education building had burnt down.  We could not believe this had happened so before setting out for a meeting in Hobart we drove to Marine Terrace to see for ourselves. Continue Reading

This building was a haven for me when the children were small – the classes with child-care saved my sanity, but it was also… Continue Reading

The building was always known to me as the Burnie High School and when I was a young teenager would come to swim in the pool along Hilder Parade and see the imposing building at the end of the beach. Continue Reading

When I was 48 I found myself suddenly single and useless in the kitchen, I decided to attend cooking classes at Adult Ed (night times). Continue Reading

It was probably the most beautiful building in Burnie.

Charlotte Fielding

It’s sad to see it destroyed, but here is a chance to build something modern, i.e eye catching design that enhances the surrounding ocean, boardwalk and penguin lookout.

Glenn McLachlan

Fernglade, Burnie