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The goal of the NFSNET project is to use the Number Field Sieve to find the factors of increasingly large numbers. What is the Number Field Sieve? Click here to view a section of our frequently asked questions. If you are interested in contributing to NFSNET, use the Join option on the menu above to find out how to get started.

April 23rd 2007
The sieving for 2^772+1 is about 70% complete.

December 18th 2006
5^313-1 has been factored. The C210 cofactor was split into a P68 and a P143. The P68 is 21428622089774767159447145142284385968882142917892658511907216761741. The linear algebra for 5^311-1 is progressing. The matrix has matrix has 4556036 rows and 4563030 columns and is expected to finish on January 23rd. Sieving for 10^229+1 is about 20% complete and should finish late in January.

December 13th 2006
The linear algebra for 5^313-1 is now past the 50% mark and the factors should be known some time next week. 5^311-1 is also in progress.

November 30th 2006
5^311+1 has been factored and the result is a P74 and a P86. The P74 is 13132762900451821968706840158108829466847315743095478589617724372773046827.

September 22nd 2006
3^479+1 has been factored. The original number had 197 digits and was split into two factors, one 98 digits long and the other 100 digits long. The P98=11666483465135187963585838119336434764875738256006740572675427278475860680359350759067856017206011. We're currently working on 5^311+1 and 5^313-1.

July 9th 2006
2^797+1 has been factored. The original number had 150 digits. The factors where found were a P60 and a P91. The P60=721081346319803014103048601140804555897014469307122160867977.

June 1st 2006
Update on progress: Sieving for 2^797+1 is complete. Sieving for 3^479+1 is about 37% complete.

May 11th 2006
Update on progress: Sieving for 2^797+1 is about 75% complete and sieving for 3^479+1 is about 25% complete.

April 9th 2006
We're currently sieving for both 2^797+1 and 3^479+1. 2^797+1 is approximately 30% complete and 3^479+1 is about 14% complete. The project statistics are currently offline. We are actively seeking assistance in this area. If you have experience with C++ and/or web site scripting languages and you would like to assist with the NFSNET stats, send e-mail to join@nfsnet.org.

February 10th 2006
Sieving for 2^764+1 has finished and we have now switched to 2,1466L.

21st November 2005
Sieving for 2^764+1 started a few days ago and it is now the current project. A small number of machines are still sieving for 2^761-1 because initial attempts at post processing showed that the resulting matrix was too large.

19th September 2005
Sieving has started for 2^761-1.

18th September 2005
The stats are back to normal operation now.

14th September 2005
We're experiencing some technical difficulties that are preventing some stats data from reaching the web site. Sieving is proceeding as normal but the stats reports are not reflecting all work done. We're working on the problem and your patience is appreciated.

5th September 2005
Sieving for 2^736+1 is done and we've now switched to 2^719+1.

27th July 2005
Sieving for 2^760+1 is done and we've now switched to 2^736+1.

20th July 2005
Sieving for 2^751+1 is done and we've now switched to 2^760+1.

24th May 2005
Sieving for 11^212+1 is done and we've now switched to 2^751+1.

05th Apr 2005
Sieving for 11^208+1 is done and we've now switched to 11^212+1. This project will likely require about 22,300 work units of sieving.

25th Mar 2005
Sieving for 7^254+1 is done and we've now switched to 11^208+1. This project will likely require about 2,720 work units of sieving.

20th Feb 2005
Sieving for 5^307+1 is done and we've now switched to 7^254+1. This project will likely require about 15,000 work units of sieving.

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