Thanks for taking the time to ask how I feel about this project.  I care
very much about my work, I always have, and hope that that was made clear
in the film.  I have no desire to interfere with the flim makers in any
way, and until very recently, I never bothered to view any of the footage.

I was shocked and let down when I saw the end result.  Several years of
our hard work was reduced at best to a series of punch-ups and mishaps
taken out of context, and at worst bold faced lies and misrepresentation
of fact.

A perfect example is footage shown of me getting arrested in Georgia.
The narration and editing suggest that I am being arrested for drug
possession.  It was actually Ondi who was arrested for possession, and
rightly so, as the drugs were hers.  I happened to have an expired

Another odd editing choice is that the footage concerning myself and the
BJM in the film stops in 1997, while the Dandy's footage goes through
2003.  This leads the viewer to believe that I fell off the earth in a
drugged-out downward spiral of insanity.  Nothing could be farther from
the truth. I quit heroin over 5 years ago, thank God, and have been more
productive than ever making albums and touring all over the world.

I would like to explain why I let this person film our band in the first
place.  She asked me to be a part of a project about bands.  She listed
off a number of future nobodies and agreed to come to San Francisco to
meet us.  I told her that I intended to take over her movie, and
introduced her to the Dandy Warhols.  I thought it would be wonderful to
capture how all of the industry bullshit can destroy bands and friendships
just as much as drugs and fame. When the project started, neither one of
our groups had major labels, but we both knew the direction life was
taking us.  I remember Ondi being very keen on all of this.

I accept that people will make up their own minds about this film when
they see it.  I just feel ripped off by the "lowest common denominator"
culture machine (something I don't cater to).

Please let me know if you have any more specific questions.

Anton Alfred Newcombe  1/30/04