Saturday, 20 October 2007

Job Opportunities


The Chicago Inspector Generals Office is currently seeking resumes from Detectives for investigative positions. Duties are varied and include surveillance, conducting interviews, and the preparation of detailed written reports. As an investigator, the successful candidate will maintain an active case load of investigations and will make arrests, conduct searches, and other police related activity on both their cases and in assistance to others. The candidate must be energetic, self motivated, and possess strong writing and communication skills. Interested personnel must fax a resume and a one page cover letter to Mary E. Hodge in the Chicago Inspector Generals Office, fax: (773) 478- 3949. For further information, contact Lt. Anthony Liace at (312) 745-6305.


The Medical Services Section is seeking sworn members, below the rank of Sergeant, interested in working as Case Managers/Nurses in the MSS. Qualified applicants MUST be classified as a Registered Nurse-R.N. and possess a current Illinois license. Interested members will submit a current resume and TO-FROM report to Inspector Thomas K. Schaedel, Commanding Officer of the Medical Services Section.


The Bomb and Arson Section Salutes 17th District Police Officers: P.O. T. Barnett, P.O. C. Lopez, P.O. T. Lykins, P.O. M. Martin,P.O. L. Montalvo and P.O. N. Sanchez. 

On 1 Sep. 07, P.O. Montalvo handled an arson and was able to locate witnesses who provided a very credible description of the offender. Through the efforts of Officers’s Barnett, Lopez, Lykins, Martin and Sanchez the offender was located and arrested. Due to these fine officers dedication to duty the offender was charged with multiple counts of arson.

Thanks for a job well done.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Area 4 Detective Salute to 11th District Officers

SALUTE Area 4 Detective Division Salutes 11th District Police Officers:

P.O. M. Acosta, P.O. L. Maxwell and P.O. A. Cervantes

On 14 Sep. 07, the officers responded to the call of a criminal trespass in progress. Officer Acosta arrived and observed an offender inside the building using a wrench to remove a radiator from the floor. Officer Acosta continued to observe the offender until P.O. Cervantes and P.O. Maxwell arrived. The officers placed the offender into custody and found a second offender removing items from the second floor. Due to the officers immediate response and keen observations, two offenders were charged with Burglary and career criminals were removed from the streets.

Thanks for a job well done. Stay Safe!

Special Notice - TRU Openings

The Targeted Response Unit is looking for Sergeants and Police Officers to be assigned to the unit. The unit is a high visibility unit which targets high crime areas. We are looking for proactive, hardworking Sergeants and Police Officers. A minimum of 1 year experience as a Sergeant and 3 years experience for Police Officers is required. The unit works in uniform, in marked vehicles, every day of the week, during the 2nd and 3rd Watches (no permanent watches). Therefore, you must be able to rotate watches. You will be assigned to a day-off-group. If interested, please fill out the application which can be found on the CPD Intranet under Automated Directives, and return to Unit 253. You will then be scheduled for an interview. We will try to accommodate partners. For further information, please call (312) 745-4069.

Commander's Salute to 13th District Officers

In August of 2007 the 013th District was dealing with an emerging pattern of HOME INVASIONS and BURGLARIES which were occurring during the late evening and early morning hours. Beat 1313 Officers Anthony ACEVEZ and Jason VOGLER armed with information from previous crimes and the offenders description set out on a systematic search of the 013th District for the offender.

On 21 August 2007 at approximately 0045 hours Officers ACEVEZ and VOGLER spotted a man standing at 3031 W. Chicago Ave. drinking a bottle of alcohol who matched the description of the offender in the HOME INVASION pattern. The officers placed the offender (MARTINEZ, Luis ) into custody and transported him to the 013th District for processing. Once in the station Officers ACEVEZ and VOGLER assembled case reports for previous BURGLARIES and HOME INVASIONS in which the offender matched the description of their arrestee. Armed with this overwhelming evidence the officers contacted Area Four Detectives. The detectives immediately put a hold on the offender and began to contact the victims in previous crimes. By the time detectives had completed their investigation the offender (MARTINEZ, Luis) was positively identified in five line-ups and charged with TWO HOME INVASIONS, THREE BURGLARIES and ONE ARMED ROBBERY. Detectives also submitted the offenders finger prints for a print comparison which led to two positive matches and two additional charges of BURGLARY. Detectives were also able to close an additional eight cases with the evidence obtained. 

Due to Officer Anthony ACEVEZ and Officer Jason VOGLER aggressive patrol habits and dedication to serving and protecting the citizens of Chicago, a very dangerous career criminal was removed from streets of this city making it a safer place to live.


Commander Christine R. Kolman, 13th District

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Commander Franklin Assist in the Arrest of 3 Burglary Offenders

Commander John Franklin, 3rd District (Grand Crossing) was checking his Level 1 Deployment Area for the district at 9:40 a.m. on October 15, 2007, when he heard a 911 call of a burglary in progress at 6334 S. Vernon. Level 1 Deployment Areas are established by the district commander based on the prevailing violence in the area, calls for service, on going gang conflicts and general intelligence that has been gathered. The week of October 10th -16th, the Level 1 Deployment Area target was 61st to 65th Street, King Drive to Kenwood. The area has seen an increase in burglaries in the month of September. Burglaries in the 3rd District have decreased 17% from August to September, however, on Beat 312 there has been 15 burglaries in the month of September. Overall serious crime has decreased in the 3rd District by 2% when compared to the same time last year. Commander Franklin advised the dispatcher that he was approximately two blocks from the scene and he was responding to the “in progress” call. Arriving at the scene the Commander was approached by a witness who stated she observed three juveniles offenders attempting to enter the 1st floor apartment through a window. One of the offenders was lifting the 2nd offender up to the window and they did in fact get the window opened. When the offenders observed the witness they fled South in the Alley. The witness gave Commander Franklin a detailed description of the offenders, their approximate ages and clothing descriptions, which the Commander immediately gave to the dispatcher. After putting out the “flash” message for the wanted offenders, the Commander began to drive around the immediate area. At 65th and Vernon, Franklin observed three juveniles wearing the same clothing the witness described. Beat 342, Officer V. Ramirez was approaching the offenders at the same time and the offenders were taken into custody. The offenders were positively identified by the witness, taken into the 3rd District and charged with Attempted Residential Burglary. The three offenders are all juveniles and will be sent to Juvenile Court for further disposition.

Good to see police response from all ranks.  Stay safe!

Welcome AIBA World Boxing Championships

Please refer to the PAX 501 letter below from the Interim Superintendent of Police.

Download Pax501_AIBA.pdf

True Blue Awards


Michael P. Gordon Memorial Foundation presents the 3rd Annual TRUE BLUE AWARDS on Sunday, 4 Nov. 07. To request tickets, email: or call (630) 660-7643. For more information contact Officer Hudson at (312) 745-6308.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Area 2 Salute of 3rd & 4th District Officers

SALUTE Area 2 Detective Division Salutes

3rd District Police Officers: Sgt. C. Parks, P.O. T. Bell P.O. J. Bokuniewicz P.O. T. Newell P.O. E. Rollins P.O. J. Voss P.O. A. Larson

4th District Police Officers: P.O. S. Carrol P.O. C. Stark P.O. S. Neighbors P.O. D. Bowen

On 9 Apr 07, the 4th District officers responded to the location where an armed robbery had just occurred. The officers gave an immediate flash message, adding that the offenders had been shot while attempting to rob the store. A call then came out in the 3rd District of a person shot. The 3rd District officers responded and related that they believed the persons shot were possibly the offenders from the robbery. One of the victims was brought to the location of the offenders, who were positively identified. Both offenders were placed into custody and treated for their wounds. Due to their immediate response, accompanied with the cooperation and coordination between districts, two dangerous felons were taken off the streets.

Thanks for a job well done. Stay Safe!

Monday, 15 October 2007


The AIBA World Boxing Championships Chicago 2007 will take place from 23 October through 03 November 2007 at the UIC Pavilion. Approximately 700 boxers from around the world will compete in this historical event, a precursor of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. All Department members are invited to attend the First Responders’ Nights on 23, 24 and 25 October 2007, at the UIC Pavilion, located at 1150 W. Harrison. A limited number of tickets are available at halfprice, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation. Department members are also welcome to attend the reception from 1730-1900 hours, prior to the matches. The reception will be held in the Heroes’ Pavilion tent, located on Harrison, one half block east of the UIC Pavilion. Refreshments will be served. For more information, please contact the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation at (312) 499-8899.


The annual Veterans Fund-Raiser sponsored by the Chicago Police Marines will be held on 28 Oct 07 from 1200 to 1700 hours at F.O.P. Hall, 1412 W Washington Blvd. There will be food, refreshments, prizes and entertainment. The proceeds from the Fund Raiser are utilized to support the veteran community and various youth oriented programs associated with the Marine Corps and the Marine Corps League. Please join us in this very worthwhile effort. Ticket information can be obtained by calling Scott Dinga at (773) 552-8172.


The CAPS Implementation Office will be hosting a three (3) hour housing, educational, and financial resource fair for department members. Please note that many of the vendors will have information for those individuals who are either actively serving or are retired military personnel. This event will be held on 3 November 2007 from 0900 to 1200 hours in the Multi-Purpose Room of Police Headquarters. The event is free. For more information, please contact William Townsell at 7-9984 (bell).