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Photo of Prof. Mark Harman

Prof. Mark Harman

Mark Harman is Professor of Software Engineering and head of the Software Engineering Group, of which the CREST is a part. He has worked extensively on program slicing, transformation and testing and more recently he was instrumental in founding the field of search-based software engineering.

Deputy Director:
Photo of Dr. Nicolas Gold

Dr. Nicolas Gold

I am a lecturer in the Software Engineering Group in the Department of Computer Science at King's College London. I am Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator for the School of Physical Sciences and Engineering. I am also the deputy director of Centre for Research in Evolution Search and Testing (CREST). The centre undertakes research in a wide range of topics in Software Engineering. My interests are in software evolution "in the small" and "in the large". My current active research is in the development of high-level slicing criteria through the CONTRACTS project. I am the co-ordinator for the SoSORNet research network on service-oriented software. For more information, publications, projects etc, please see the research section of my homepage. Prior to joining King's, I was a lecturer in the School of Informatics at the University of Manchester.

Project Operations Manager:
Photo of Ms Chris McCulloch

Ms Chris McCulloch

Chris McCulloch is the project operations manager for the SEBASE project and the CREST centre.

Visiting Professor:
Photo of Prof. Jonathan Bowen

Prof. Jonathan Bowen

Jonathan Bowen is Chairman of Museophile Limited and a Visiting Professor at London South Bank University, where he has founded and headed the Centre for Applied Formal Methods since 2000. During 2006-07, he is a visiting academic at University College London.

EPSRC Visiting Fellow:
Photo of Prof. David Binkley

Prof. David Binkley

David's present work on software engineering includes test-case generation using genetic algorithms, refactoring object-oriented code into aspect-oriented code, and empirical investigations of software.

Visiting Researcher:
Photo of Dr. S Afshin Mansouri

Dr. S Afshin Mansouri

Afshin Mansouri is a Research Associate on the SEBASE project at King's College London. His research interests are mainly on the development of Meta-heuristics for applied combinatorial optimization with a particular interest towards multi-objective problems. He received his PhD, MSc and BSc degrees in Industrial Engineering form Amirkabir University of Technology in Iran. In 2005, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Tours in France. Prior to joining King's College London in November 2006, he held teaching positions at Amirkabir University of Technology and University of Tehran. He has served in the program/technical committees of IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC) in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 3rd International Conference on Evolutionary Multi-criterion Optimization (EMO 2005).

Photo of Dr. Laurence Tratt

Dr. Laurence Tratt

Laurence Tratt is a researcher who worked on search-based refactoring as part of the SEBASE project from 2006-2007 and continues to collaborate with CREST on this project and others. He is the designer of the Converge language. He is a member of the IEEE Software Industry Advisory Board, and is on the organising committees of several international events.

Research Associates:
Photo of Dr. Youssef Hassoun

Dr. Youssef Hassoun

Youssef Hassoun is a research associate on the EvoTest (Evolutionary Testing) project funded by the EU. The project, in which leading European partners in industry and academia are involved, aims at developing search based techniques using evolutionary algorithms for automating test data generation. His part in the project is to develop techniques for search space reduction using static code analysis methods. He also maintains VADA (VAriable Dependence Analysis), a tool developed for analysing program variables dependencies.

In addition to static code analysis, his research interests include reflective systems and program refactoring.

Photo of Mr Zheng Li

Mr Zheng Li

Zheng Li a research associate and currently involved with the project CONTRACTS (CONcepts to Raise the abstrACTion level of Slicing) in Department of Computer Science at King's College London. He is also a part time PhD student, supervised by Mark Harman.

His present research interests include search-based software engineering, source code analysis and manipulation and dependence analysis, regression testing.

Photo of Dr. Kiarash Mahdavi

Dr. Kiarash Mahdavi

Kiarash Mahdavi's interest mainly lies in the software re-engineering field. His current project (CONTRACTS) looks at techniques to combine program comprehension gained by using concept assignment techniques with the power of static analysis techniques such as slicing, in order to identify executable sections of software with more abstract meaning.

Another area of Kiarash's interest is related to his PhD which was on clustering. Most of his work is also related to Evolutionary Computation and Algorithms, where ideas related to biological evolution of species and survival of the fittest are employed to produce generations of improved solutions.

PhD Students:
Photo of Mr Konstantinos Adamopoulos

Mr Konstantinos Adamopoulos

I am a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science , King's College , London, UK. My research area is Mutation Testing, which is a methodology of Software Testing. I am currently working on some ideas based on the GAMUT (Genetic Algorithms for MUtation Testing) proposal. The basic idea is to explore how search based techniques and meta-heuristic algorithms can be used in mutation testing, and more specifically in the fields of clustering of mutants, selective mutation, and (possibly) co-evolution of mutants and test cases. The main motivation behind my research is to explore the nature of software bugs and understand their qualities and characteristics.

Photo of Mr Kazhaw Al-Khaffaf

Mr Kazhaw Al-Khaffaf

Kazhaw is a part time PhD student supervised by Prof Mark Harman, he is aiming to investigate Search Based Software Engineering and applying it to software project management and staffing problems. He holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Baghdad University and an MSc in Computer Aided Design from Aston University in Birmingham, Having started his career working with Data General Australia as a software design engineer he is now involved in managing engineering and construction projects in the Middle East.

Photo of Ms Connie Bao

Ms Connie Bao

I am a first year PhD student and my supervisor is Nicolas Gold.

Photo of Mr Tao Jiang

Mr Tao Jiang

Tao Jiang is a second year PhD student at King's College London. His surpervisors are Pro. Mark Harman and Dr. Nicolas Gold, who lead CREST Centre that widely includes many research topics of software engineering.

His interest is search based dependence analysis, that is, applying the framework of SBSE and the technique of Program Slicing to analysing the interesting dependence structures in the program, which can contribute to the area in software engineering problems, such as Program Comprehesion, Maintenance, Measurement and Program Refactoring.

Photo of Mr Kiran Lakhotia

Mr Kiran Lakhotia

Kiran is a full time PhD student. His research interests are in testability transformations and 'novel' methods for generating test data for structural testing. He is also part of the EvoTest project, which applies evolutionary algorithms to the problem of test data generation. Within this project he is focusing on improving the search landscape for evolutionary algorithms. His supervisor is Prof. Mark Harman, who heads the Software Engineering Group at King's College.

Photo of Mr Marian Mohr

Mr Marian Mohr


Marian is a PhD student in Computer Science at King's College London and is supervised by Dr. Gold and Prof. Harman. His research interests are in software engineering and service-oriented computing in particular.

Photo of Mr Shin Yoo

Mr Shin Yoo

Shin is a full time PhD student working on SEBASE project. After finishing BSc in Computer Engineering, he worked in the industry for a few years as software engineer and technical consultant. He got an MSc in Advanced Software Engineering at King's College London. His research interests are centered around search-based software engineering, especially in relation to the optimization of regression testing.

Photo of Ms Yuanyuan Zhang

Ms Yuanyuan Zhang

My name is Yuanyuan Zhang and come from Chengdu city, China. Chengdu's cuisine has an international reputation for being very spicy.

I started my PhD at the end of Sept. 2006 in the Department of Computer Science, King's College London.

I am working at CREST Centre and doing research on Search-based Software Engineering(SBSE) under the supervision of Professor Mark Harman and Nicolas Gold.

Previous Members:
Photo of Dr. Deji Fatiregun

Dr. Deji Fatiregun

Deji Started in 2002. Deji's PhD concerns the problem of finding good sequences of transformations to apply to programs using search-based techniques. Deji was awarded his PhD in July 2007.

Photo of Dr. Lin Hu

Dr. Lin Hu

Lin Hu was a research associate (to Prof. Mark Harman) in Department of Computer Science at King's College London. He worked on the EPSRC funded project TeTra. His research interests include program slicing, program transformation, program comprehension, and software testing.