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·Apocalyptic Armageddon3:250n/a
·A War Symphony5:060n/a
·Before The Dawn4:410n/a
·Bells Of Misery4:080n/a
·Blood On My Skin5:330n/a
·Carnal Lust4:550n/a
·Demonic Warlust4:200n/a
·Diabolical Desolation5:190n/a
·Dreams Of Death2:470n/a
·End Of Life4:300n/a
·Everlasting Bloodshed4:000n/a
·For Centuries Untold2:490n/a
·Forthcoming Terror3:550n/a
·Hellfire Twilight5:140n/a
·Inhuman Dissection Of Souls4:390n/a
·In Pain5:260n/a
·In The Arch Of Serenity5:450n/a
·Into The Funeral Domain6:520n/a
·Like Darkened Storms4:270n/a
·Luciferian Moon3:500n/a
·My Demon Within4:140n/a
·On Violent Soil5:090n/a
·Orgy In Flesh5:130n/a
·Seeds Of Evil4:340n/a
·Seven Prophecies6:290n/a
·Shadows Are Astray3:280n/a
·Spawned To Destroy5:560n/a
·Summon The Golden Twilight5:440n/a
·The Aspiration3:040n/a
·The Beauty Of Malice4:180n/a
·The Bloodline3:520n/a
·The Conquest Infernal3:200n/a
·The Dimension Beyond4:390n/a
·Through Celestial Gates5:210n/a
·Total Misanthropia4:410n/a
·Under The Pagan Glory3:340n/a
·Until Death Tear Us Apart2:020n/a
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