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K2 Kill me Kiss me is a comedic romance, Korean manwha/manhwa about a girl that switches places with her male cousin to get close to a model in his class.  What makes this series unique is the well-entwined storyline, art, and characters.  One thing to note is that "kill me" shouldn't be taken literally.  In Korean, the word for kill ("jooguh") also means to beat up, so when someone says "jooguhsuh!", it can simply mean "I'll pound you!")  Right now, the images I have of the characters are only my computer drawn fanart (and I'm not much of an artist), but I'm hoping to scan some images when I get the available resource fixed (digital camera).  

Update:  Added a load of scanned images.  ^_^.

*Author/artist:  Lee Young Yuu, author/artist of Pastel Green Spell + Spring Spring*

K2 Kill me Kiss me is a 5 volume series from 2001-2002.




*Summary (Major Spoilers)*

Volume 1

(Hopefully, this series will be translated into English someday, so I'll leave the spoiler summaries up to only volume 1.  UPDATE:  It is being translated, by Tokyopop!  Hurrah!)

*K2 Links*

Tokyopop.com (A LONG time ago, I wrote a few emails to get this series published into English. Guess what?  It is in 2004 by Tokyopop!  Hurrah!)

Lee Young Yuu Fanpage  (Has images from Lee Young Yuu's work, such as K2 and Pastel Green Spell.)

Magoopa.wo.to  (Great image collection.)

Candy33.co.kr  (A Korean manga/manhwa/manwha site which lets readers review various series.  To find K2, at the main page, find quick search, and in the drop down menu, choose the second option (with a character that looks like a square) and type in the box "k2".  The link to the K2 page should show up.  Additionally, if you become a member of Candy33,  you can preview the first 20 pages of the series for free.  ^_^.

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