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Inland Revenue Board Changes

The Inland Revenue issued the following press release on 10 March 2003:

Changes to the Board of the Inland Revenue

The Inland Revenue today announced changes to the membership of its Board, to take place from early April:

Having now done nearly five years as Director General in the Inland Revenue Tim Flesher, Director General, Corporate Services, has been appointed Deputy Chief of Defence Logistics at the Ministry of Defence, and will leave the Department on 11 April.

Tim's successor as Director General, Corporate Services, will be Helen Ghosh. Helen has worked in various Departments, including the then Department for the Environment, Transport and Rural Affairs and the Department for Work and Pensions. She is currently the Director of the Machinery of Government Secretariat in the Cabinet Office.

We will, as usual, be seeking The Queen's agreement to appoint Helen as a Commissioner of Inland Revenue.

Dave Hartnett, Director General, Policy and Technical, will become a Deputy Chairman (Ann Chant, Director General, Strategic Service Delivery, is already one) from 14 April.


1. Helen comes originally from the Department of the Environment (now the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister) where she worked on a wide range of housing, local government and urban regeneration programmes.

2. More recently, she was Director of the Children's Group in the Department for Work and Pensions where she and her team were responsible for delivering the DWP end of the New Tax Credits project and arrangements for the transfer of the Child Benefit Centre. She is currently head of the Machinery of Government Secretariat in the Cabinet Office.

3. Helen lives in Oxford with her husband and two children (a daughter of 14 and son of 12). She is a Governor of her local primary school and involved in a wide range of school-related activities. In what remains of her spare time, she enjoys reading, armchair gardening and taking her son to Anfield to watch Liverpool play.

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