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Heroes Redux: Sylar Is My Hero

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Zachary Quinto, Heroes

Yeeee! We have much to celebrate, because not only is this here Heroes Redux back by popular demand (thanks for asking, mom!), but on the latest ep we welcomed back the sexiest serial killer around (sorry, Dexter): Yes, I'm talking 'bout you, Mr. Sylar!

If you ask me, Heroes  was finally back on giddy-good track last night, thanks in part to the return of the awesomely talented Zachary Quinto, whose freaky-deaky presence was sorely missed in the first two episodes.

Read on to find out more on the latest ep and what lies ahead. Just make sure you've seen it already, so's not to be spoiled!


Ding-Dong, D.L. Is Dead:  Poor D.L. is dead and gone. So, are any previous couple-related blind items ringing any bells? No? No? Hmmm...well, see if anyone else has the foggiest idea what I'm talkin' 'bout in the Comments section below.

Sylar Ruuules! 
The first great squeal of the season? It had to be when Señor Sylar whacked Candice/Michelle upside the head with his mug, right? This man is not to be messed with, even in his tattered and torn state. Not to mention, from the looks of that pan-out angle showing him surrounded by green, I'm pretty sure Sylar is currently on Lost island. (How awesome would that be?)

Heroes, Masi Oka

Hiro's Bringing Sexy Back:  No glasses, suave and steady voice and longer, boy-band hair. Is NBC sexing up my Masi? I'm half expecting he'll be sporting pec implants and a porn 'stache by the end of the season. The road to sexy Future Hiro has begun!

West Flies Like Peter Pan:  Is this Claire's new gay love interest? I'm just sayin'! Did you notice he puts his feet in ballet's first position and floats to never-never land instead of rocket launching like Nathan? And by the by, what are the chances Claire is kissing her cousin West? You'd think that sorta flyboy ability would run in the family, right? Speaking of...

Niki's Back:  From what I hear, Niki wasn't in the original plan for the first three episodes, so it seems producers are upping the Ali Larter factor, at least for now. Still, something tells me we'll see a smidge less of her this season. Call it a hunch.

D.L. Is Related to Uhura!  That was Nichelle Nichols (Uhura from the original Star Trek) welcoming young Micah to New Orleans. Let's see, Sulu was playing a gentleman of a certain age who was possibly up to no good. Uhura is playing a lady of a certain age. Both of their characters have superpowered relatives...what do you want to bet Nichelle's character is possibly up to no good and almost certainly mixed up in this intergenerational jibjab? Also, do you think there's any chance Zachary could persuade Leonard Nimoy to guest?

Heroes: Sendhil Ramamurthy, Adair Tishler

Molly Has Two Daddies:  A source tells me that in the original plan for last week's ep, Molly's schoolteacher totally called out Matthinder as a cute gay couple with a cute adopted daughter. Matt promptly denied they were romantically involved. Honestly, I hope they go for it! But for the time being, this scenario will remain Two and a Half Heroes.

Claire Feels Pain:  We learned tonight that when our little Claire-Bear runs into a burning building to save your ass, it hurts like hell. She's a brave little toaster, and I love her. 

All in the Family:  The writer of this episode is one J.J. Philbin, and not only is she a Heroes writer and a former writer on The O.C., she's the daughter of Regis Philbin and she's married to Mike Schur, who writes and acts on The Office. How's that for a TV pedigree?!

David Anders


David Anders Is Sticking Around:  Sources tell me Takezo Kensei (Anders) will move to the future and not by teleportation. He will be 400 years old! Which leads me to ask, Could Kensei and Claire be...related? The season is called Volume Two: Generations, after all, and well, they kind of look alike, and they do seem to have the same power. Hmmm...

West Might Be Shady:  Nick D'Agosto (aka Peter Pan) says of what's ahead for his character, "Now, all of the sudden it's romance, romance, romance, and then from there, hijinks ensue. He's kind of mysterious and dark, but has a real genuine side in him that wants to find out more about his power, and he's deeply engaged in finding out more about Claire." Is it just me, or is there something a tiny bit nefarious sounding going on there?

HRG Is Not Dying: 
You can quote me on that! By the way, Jack Coleman himself recently told me that the Bennets (as a family) don't take well to being mucked around. You hassle one, you hassle all, and that means Mr. Muggles, too!

Theory of the Week:  Who else thinks Sylar is being mind-bound somewhere, as opposed to actually being held in a house in the middle of an endless jungle? 

Now feel free to sound off below with your thoughts on the ep! Anyone else digging Sylar as much as me?

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

  • Posted by Kristin Dos Santos on Tue, Oct 9, 2007, 9:52 AM
Photo by: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC


Ben Rodeo Oct 9 07, 10:05 AM  Report abuse
1.I have a giant crush on Sylar (loooooove anti-anti-anti-heroes)! Am sick and getting sicker of Amnesiaboy Petrelli! Still don't think this show has a single quality child actor!! Things are looking up for the season with this ep :) Feel free to mix these sentences up in any order - fun for the whole two-dads family!
Jamie Oct 9 07, 10:14 AM  Report abuse
2.I loved the Sylar parts, but for some reason I am not that into Maya and her brother. It is taking too long to get the border-sorry! I agree with Ben, I have also had enough of Peter with amnesia, I want to see some more interaction with the characters we already know. But all in all, still a must see!
Bas Oct 9 07, 10:27 AM  Report abuse
3.There is no way in **** Sylar has Candice's ability. It has to be a mind trick, seeing how he reacts et al. Dare I say Sylar's in a basement in the middle of New York City?
Kaye Oct 9 07, 10:28 AM  Report abuse
4.Last night's ep was pretty good. I'm hoping things pick up a little more though. The wonder twins need to meet up with the other heroes soon. And Peter needs to get over his Irish crime shtick and come back to New York. I loved all the Sylar scenes, too. Mmm. I missed our little baddie.
Ella Oct 9 07, 10:28 AM  Report abuse
5.I love the Matt/Mohinder/Molly fabulousness, just because I like them all so darn much. They're just so freakin' cute. And I'm not sick of amnesia!Peter yet, shockingly. Maybe because he's so pretty like this? But I agree, I'm thinking we need some more info on Maya and the brother, because I try really hard to care, but I just kinda... don't. Peter Pan bothers me andof course my first reaction was, "Oh, they're DEFINITELY related". So. Ew. But when is Kristen Bell coming? I'm DYING here!
GeekMO Oct 9 07, 10:29 AM  Report abuse
6.Bas, what do you mean, Sylar doesn't have Candice's ability.. he obviously doesn't,unless I misunderstood him saying the names of those cities and nothing happening... right? I'm all uncertain about what I understood now!! haha
Alejandro Oct 9 07, 10:31 AM  Report abuse
7.Who else is tired with this whole Hiro storyline? so far is the most boring one, and every time they go to Hiro i get bored, unless this is going to have some consequences NOW on the storyline, then AMEN, but so far iuk!. Who thinks Alejandro, MAya's brother is going to get the ax? We saw how yesterday she liked using her power instead of being afraid of it. What's going on with Nathan, leaving that beard and drinking (first episode) isn't he supposed to be a congress man?!
doctorevil Oct 9 07, 10:35 AM  Report abuse
8.agree w/ above- not crazy about maya and her abilities... it's a miss for me. however, i am curious about takezo and clairebear being posibly related! or her daddy and her boyfriend!
Jai Oct 9 07, 10:36 AM  Report abuse
9.Ha! I say "brave little toaster" too! That cartoon is required viewing, people.
Don Oct 9 07, 10:37 AM  Report abuse
10.(A) I am sad to see Candace gone, though they had to dispose of her, I guess due to the reaper factor. Still, if Ol' Gabe is being "mind-bound", how much of what happened last night may have been Candace-induced. Because, we didn't see "Betty..." did we? (B) Ali said that she had to "take care of something" then she would be back. One has to wonder what that "something" is. Also she did say something about a "La Femme Nikita" type of scenario for N/J. And the spoiler machine said that N/J and Claire would cross paths. Is this the Niki/Jessica/Claire smackdown some of us have been waiting for???
Kerrin Oct 9 07, 10:52 AM  Report abuse
11.What blind item is Kristin referring to in regard to Niki and DL?
Emily Oct 9 07, 10:58 AM  Report abuse
12.Wess is the killer I think! ... maybe even the ultimate big bad?
Mel Oct 9 07, 11:05 AM  Report abuse
13.So glad the Redux are back! I am guessing the blind items refer to Ali Larter and Leonard Roberts didn't get a long. I can't remember the actual blind item does anyone else?
mla1698 Oct 9 07, 11:06 AM  Report abuse
14.So glad the Redux are back! I am guessing the blind items refer to Ali Larter and Leonard Roberts didn't get a long. I can't remember the actual blind item does anyone else?
toxic karma Oct 9 07, 11:22 AM  Report abuse
15.David Anders = Love. *swoon* I adore him..
Josie_3522 Oct 9 07, 11:27 AM  Report abuse
16.When I think of the times and there were many..namely when Nathan flew off with Peter at the end of last season.....making snarky comments about WHO would end on the island with the survivors of Flight 815 with our LOSTIES..and Kristen thinks its Sylar...omg...lol...the one that won't do a thing to help them get off that stinking island...lol
Elizabeth Oct 9 07, 11:28 AM  Report abuse
17.Nathan seriously needs more screentime. BUT SYLAR WAS BACK and that made this episode worth watching. Otherwise it wouldn't have been. No offense, but Nathan and Mrs. Petrelli need more screentime. And they need to focus on the larger story more rather then Claire and West. urgh.
JP Oct 9 07, 11:30 AM  Report abuse
18.I want more Nathan and less twins. Hope the show picks up a little. I got used to a show that really moves and this season is kinda slow.
Mary Sosa Oct 9 07, 11:39 AM  Report abuse
19.mmm....do you think Nathan and Niki will cross paths again?? That should be interesting!
dd Oct 9 07, 11:41 AM  Report abuse
20.I think the blind item was referring to the peak into the future they gave us last season when Nikki and Peter were a couple. Wasn't Peter blind in that episode?

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