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Golis Telecom Profile
Nation’s Service Provider in Communications, GOLIS Telecom was founded in the year 2002 with an objective of serving the country with its activities – Telephone Service, Fixed-line Service and Internet. The Company’s service oriented schemes are committed and dedicated to all the citizens of the country. The service includes local and long distance calls. GOLIS Telecom also provides internet services. The use of internet has become very popular in the Country. The secondary service carried out by GOLIS Telecom is the electric power supply in some GOLIS Telecom Center-Towns operated by the Company

Golis Telecom is the largest telecom operator in puntland region of Somalia, this is signified by the extensive network coverage area where our services are being provided in almost all major cities and districts of Puntland Region thus the services of the company is being utilized by largest number of telephone users and increasing number of population are attracted day by day to our services due to the never ending efforts by the Golis Telecom teams to satisfy their customers ass well as prospective customers, the company operates also some regions of Somaliland.

The company provides telephone service and fixed-line, and mobile service. Both services types render local as well as long distance call services. Golis Telecom also provides internet services utilized by a large segment of customers since the internet is part and parcel of today’s life, so we are providing reliable Internet services to our customers.

Golis is also in the electric power supply in large areas of some towns where the company operates; our Power is more efficient and sought after especially in Bosaso where power is crucial to the civic life during the summer.

Golis Telecom Centres.
The company has its headquarter in bosaso the port city and the commercial capital of puntland , Golis Telecom has also centers at the main cities of puntland such as qardho, Garowe, Hadaaftimo, Burtinle, Galkacyo , Dhahar, Carmo, Baran, Goldogob and Erigavo - Somaliland. Hingalol and Bo'ame .

Recently Golis has undertaken rapid expansion programe in which the services of the companies has been extended to a large area of Mudug region like Ba'adweyn , Bursalah, Jalam city, Goldogob, Tulo Harfo, El-buh district in Sanag region, and Waaciya &Ufein districts in Bari region.

There are also some towns and main villages served by one/two line telephone systems.

These include Laag,Kalabayr(Bosaso)Laasadawaco, Jidad, Ufeyn, Sheerbi, Xiddo, Waaciya, Baraagaha, Balibusle(Sanaag) Laas-qorey, Yubbe, Taleex, Raka, Jidad, Elbuh(sanaag) and Cambaaro.

This is part of our “Rapid Response Program” the program devised to response to the dire needs of the population in remote areas for telephone services will cover many other villages (including Buran, Sarmaanyo, Fiqi-Fuliye, Armala, Damalle xagarre, Af-urur, Dalwayn, These will be operational within this year.

Some of the target areas have never enjoyed telecommunication services.

The Golis Telecom mobile Service is available at bosaso, Qardho, Garowe and Galkacyo, Burtinle and Erigavo - Somaliland.

The fixed line service is available at all centres.

Golis Telecom has a Microwave network extends from bosaso to Galkacyo (about 750 Kms) and from Bosaso to Erigavo at the present. This network will be extended to encompass Erigavo vicinity.

Golis Telecom has binding agreement with two other companies namely Hormuud Telecom and Telesom. The three sister companies have set up a microwave system covering all Somalia and now every customer of Golis Telecom has access to make local calls to all Somalia(from Ras Casayr to Raskambooni-Zeylac).

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