Colonial America 1600-1775
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Explore the Colonial Period of our history through the Internet. You'll find maps, lesson plans, bibliographies and curriculum content materials here.

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Primary Resource Documents

The American Colonist's Library Huge collection of primary resource documents
Archiving Early America Historic documents from 18th century America. Declaration of Independence, etc. writings; lives of early Americans
Colonial Charters, Grants and Related Documents The Avalon Project from Yale
Early American Colonial Literature to 1700 Biographical information, e-texts, lesson plan for Captain John Smith, Increase Mather, Cotton Mather, William Bradford, Anne Bradstreet, Edward Taylor, Edward Winslow, John Winthrop Mary Rowlandson, John Dickinson; ISLMC Page
Historical Text Archive Historical text archives; Native Americans; Salem Witch Trials; More
Salem Witch Trials Documentary Archive and Transcription Project Documents, maps, people, images; from University of Virginia

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The History Place. Timeline. Early Colonial Era to 1700 Timeline from 1000 AD; from The History Place
The History Place. Timeline. English Colonial Era 1700-1763 Includes international events; from The History Place
The History Place. Prelude to Revolution 1763 to 1775 Major events preceding the Revolution; from The History Place
The Colonial Cycle in U.S. History (1589-1692) Advanced. Timelines of events in America with its foreign contemporaries; notable persons associated with each era. From The Time Page
The Revolutionary War Cycle of U. S. History (1693-1787) Advanced. Timelines of events in America with its foreign contemporaries; notable persons associated with each era. From the Time Page

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America's Story. Colonial America (1492-1763) Site for younger readers; people; major events; from Library of Congress. America's Story
Albion's Seed Grows in the Cumberland Advanced level; history and culture of the Scots Irish settlers of the Cumberland Gap region of Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia
Chronicling Black Lives in Colonial New England Article from Christian Science Monitor
Colonial Williamsburg. Historical Almanack See "The History Explorer" which includes a chronology
Colonial Lexington [Massachusetts] Student research; projects. For related lesson plan, see Student Project Sheet: Make a Paper Colonial Quilt from McGraw Hill
Contact: Europe and America Meet, 1492-1620 Essay; Why Europeans colonized the Americas.From AskEric; From Crossroads: A K-16 American History Curriculum
The Roots of American Slavery; A Bibliographical Essay By Philip Schwarz. Professional references
The Founding of New Societies, 1607-1763 See also related lesson plan under Outlines and syllabi below
Cycles of US History-Colonial Cycle (1584-1700) Tremendous Timelines, historical information, maps. Links to numerous sites on colonial history and topics.
The History Place - American Revolution Includes materials pre-Revolution; Timelines
From Revolution to Reconstruction [Old Site] A Hypertext on American History from the Colonial Period until Modern Times; oustanding collection of documents, essays, biographies, presidents
From Revolution to Reconstruction [New Site]
Spanish Colonial America Living History Organizations, Reenacting World and U. S. History; Hispanics in the Revolutionary War; other material

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State Histories

Related pages: [State Government Pages]

13 Originals Wealth of information on the original thirteen colonies, plus Internet resources
Explore the States Brief facts on each of the states include historical facts; from America's Story
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Connecticut From Connecticut State Library
Delaware - A Brief History
Georgia State History: FAQs
Maryland State History. Kids' Page
Maryland State Archives
Massachusetts Facts
Commonwealth of Massachusetts History
New Hampshire Almanac
Cartoon History of New Jersey
New York State Facts. Kids
New York History Net
Colonial Albany Image Gallery Click on the pictures to learn about life in Colonial Albany, New York
North Carolina History
North Carolina Encyclopedia
Pennsylvania State History
A Background to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
A Background to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rhode Island History
Brief History of South Carolina Visit the "Exhibits" link as well
South Carolina Historical Society
South Carolina Historical Periods Includes pre-colonial and colonial periods
History of South Carolina Cities, Counties, Regions
Virginia History & Culture Resources on the Internet
Atlas of Virginia Archaeology Links to many historic sites in Virginia
Virginia TimeTravelers >Learn about K-12 programs; interactive map to museums and historic sites
Colonial America Great page from Mountain City Elementary School; includes information on the Middle & Southern Colonies
Colonial America Articles From Suite Articles on settlement of Shenandoah Virginia, including Shenandoah Valley; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island; Massachusetts (Plymouth Plantation); colonial immigration; Arnold family of New England
West Virginia History Database West Virginia was part of Virginia during the Colonial Period
VTGenWeb. Vermont History and Genealogy

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Military History

Colonial-Indian Relations Overview; from From Revolution to Reconstruction
Colonial Wars Article from Reader's Companion to Military History
ISLMC Colonial Wars - Juvenile Bibliography Fiction & nonfiction books for K12 readers
Wars in U.S. History Outline of wars beginning with Pequot War in 1637; includes Tuscarora War, War of Jenkins Ear, French and Indian Wars among others
Pequot War Advanced level. Lecture notes by Robert McCaughey, Barnard College, Columbia University
The Pequot War (1637) TV documentary; includes historical information
The Pequot War Perspectives Some historical information from Dowd Genealogy Page
Pequot War (1637) Research report by student from Cold Spring School
The Mohegan - The Wolf
Uncas Chief of Mohegans; from
King Philip's War 1675-1676 Overview of historical information from The History Place; See also: Wampanoag Tribe; ISLMC Wampanoag. Bibliography, Includes juvenile titles; Moshup the Giant. A Wampanoag tale
King Philip's War Article from Reader's Companion to American History
Metacom (King Philip) Son of Massasoit; biography from Encyclopedia of North American Indians
Metacom Relates Indian Complaints about the English Settlers, 1675 From History Matters
King Philip's War The causes, the war, the effects; from Pilgrim Hall Museum
French and Indian Wars Review of the conflicts known as the French and Indian Wars; from Columbia Encyclopedia, 2000 ed. Use search function to find articles on individuals, as James Wolfe, John Bradstreet
King William's War (1690-1697) First of the French and Indian Wars; historical information from History of the USA
King William's War Brief overview with links to other French and Indian Wars articles; from
Queen Anne's War (War of the Spanish Succession) (1702-1713) Facts; second of the French and Indian Wars; from USA History
Queen Anne's War, 1702-1713 Events in Hampton, NH; from Joseph Dow's History of Hampton
Raid of Deerfield, Mass. in Queen Anne's War From Library of Congress
King George's War Third of the French and Indian Wars. Historical background from
King George's War Brief article from
The French and Indian War Webpage (1755-1760) The soldiers, documents, links, references, events/places; by Larry Roux
Brief History of the French and Indian War Advanced level; historical information
Pre-Revolutionary Ranger History Rogers' Rangers other Ranger History; from Fort Benning Ranger School
Rogers Rangers Rogers' Rangers in the French and Indian War; from Reenacting - Rogers Rangers
George Washington : The Soldier Through the French and Indian War Washington's early military career; includes excerpts from his letters; from
The Fort at No. 4 [Charlestown, NH] Life at the fort; siege of 1747; photos; timelines of the world of the; 1740's; See also: War of the Austrian Succession, known in U. S. history as French and Indian Wars; Find more articles at
Colonial Era Photos From Mohican Press; Includes sites from French & Indian War, including Fort Necessity; Fort William Henry; Old Fort Niagara
How Newspapers Covered the French and Indian War Research on newspaper coverage of the War era, focusing on the "Colonies to the Northward"
Montcalm and Wolfe. The French and Indian War, 1752 The troops, the arms, the battles, the forts
Indians of the Southern Colonies - The Tuscarora Indian War 1711-1713 Advanced; article from NC State Library
1711 The Tuscarora War Brief article, map; from Tuscarora and Six Nations Websites

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DDC 912.73 Maps

U. S. Territorial Maps 1775 Shows original thirteen colonies; other British Territories; Foreign Claims. From UVA
13 Colonies Map/Quiz Printout From Enchanted Learning
Historical Outline Maps. Colonial America Reproducible maps; Colonial America, 1776; The 13 British Colonies; Lewis & Clark routes, Trails to the West; from EduPlace
Map. The 13 Colonies From ThinkQuest
Colonial America. Rare Map Collection Online viewing of rare maps from the University of Georgia
European Land in the Americas From Encarta

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973.02 Lesson Plans

Colonial America Unit developed by Karen Sutton
for fourth & fifth grades
Crossroads Elementary Curriculum. Founding New Societies Elementary curriculum from AskEric
Life in Colonial Times. WebQuest From Davidson County Schools, NC
Colonial Children. WebQuest From Macomb Intermediate School District
Early American History Interactive Puzzle From Archiving Early America
Colonial America Activity Ideas for Elementary Schools Activities but also good source of information on toy, games, silhouette art, crafts, Poor Richard's Almanac
Colonial Times Lesson Plans for K-6 Links to lesson plans from ProTeacher!
Colonial America and Children's Literature Activities; includes bibliography. From Carol Hurst
Colonial American 1600-1776 Research activities and outline.
From Carol Hurst Newsletter
Colonial Farm Life : The Claude Moore Colonial Farm Grade 4; farm life in the 18th century
Colonial Living: A Look at the Arts, Crafts, History and Literature of Early Americans Unit & lesson plans; special needs students grades 5 and six
Changing Images of Childhood in America: Colonial, Federal and Modern New England Fourth & fifth; from Yale New Haven Lesson Plans
Colonial America. How to do Research using the Navigation Aids From TeacherNet
Investigating Shadows A science lesson; students create a silhouette
A Trip to Sully Plantation Grade four; field trip. Site has other good lesson plans
A Special Classroom Quilt Social Studies/Art; K-2
Greenhorn on the Frontier Lesson plan to accompany the book which is set in pre-revolutionary Pennsylvania.Site includes lesson plans, family activities, links, bibliography. Lesson plans include Simon Girty, Revolutionary Timeline; Planning a Farm; Mascots; Colonial Professions; Greenhorn Vocabulary; 1776: Beyond Colonial; America; 3 Map lesson plans; lesson plans include links

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DDC 016.973 Bibliography

Related pages: Historical Fiction

Colonial America Thematic unit for grades 4 & 5. By Karen Sutton. Extensive bibliography included.
ISLMC Colonial Military History. Juvenile Bibliography Includes fiction & nonfiction
Historical Fiction Bibliography for Ann Arbor District Library. Includes New World; Colonial America; etc.

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Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg Home Page Visual Tour; almanack; lots of info
Colonial Williamsburg's Historical Almanac Meet the People; See the Places; Colonial Dateline; Experience Colonial Life; Resources
Colonial Williamsburg Colonial family life
Colonial Williamsburg Journal Articles.
Historical Glossary

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Gardening, Foods

This section also contains information on gardening, foods, cooking and customs.

History of American Agriculture. The Colonial Years Outline form; Land Policy, The Southern Colonies, The Northern Colonies, Labor, Technology, Back Country Rebellions, Rural Life, Agrarianism; from North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture
A History of American Agriculture Click on major headings for page views; timelines of economic information, including 16th & 17th centuries; from USDA
Colonial Agriculture - Plantations Webquest for 5th grade social studies; lesson plans, Internet resources on colonial plantation cash crops (tobacco, rice, indigo); by Karen Stapleton, Sandwich Public Schools
Agriculture and Education in Colonial America Slide show; overview of European agriculture; Jamestown (1607) agriculture; Plymouth (1620); early exports; Georgia (1733), Indian agriculture including crops grown; from NC State
What did the colonists eat? From Jamestown Rediscovery
Colonial American Fare pdf file; What foods did the colonists eat?
The Gardens of Plimoth Plantation What you might find in a kitchen garden; from Traditional Gardening
Herb Gardens & 18th-Century Mansions The herbs, their uses; from Pomona Hall,
The History of Thanksgiving. A Meal Without Forks Thanksgiving foods, how food was served, everyday meals; from The History Channel
The Old Timer's Page From Walton Feed Company. Making Butter Then and Now; The Root Cellar; The Out House; Making Sauerkraut; More
Starfish Consulting: Tips on Smoking Foods Smoking is a way of preserving meat
Reflections on Eating Fish Americans tended to be meat eaters, but fishing was important to the economy
The History of Maple Syrup in America See also: Some maple sugar recipes: Recipe. Maple Syrup Pie; Maple Sugar Candy; Maple Sugar-on-Snow
Introduction to Cheesemaking Historical background; cheesemaking; recipes; from The Cheese Wizard
Cheesemaking Home Page Want to try to make your own cheese? Here's how from New England Cheesemaking Supply Company
Historic Apples for the Home Orchard Many popular apple varieties have disappeared from our gardens; from Traditional Gardening
Cranberries Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Cranberries from Culinary Sleuth
A Currant Affair John Winthrop grew currants in his garden; from Traditional Gardening
Colonial Kitchen Trivia Facts about customs, foods
Our Immigrant and Native Ancestors; Origins of Southern Food The English Immigrants, The Scots & Irish, The Slaves, How the Indians Helped the Settlers, The Creoles, other information
Historic Spanish Colonial and Mexican Recipes Food on the frontier
Pies From FoodDay. History of pies
Elegant Venison Historical background; venison was a staple in early American kitchens
Cooking from Primary Sources Article. Towards end, discussion of foods from the New World and their introduction to Europe
Colonial Cooking. Johnny Cakes & Cookies from Early New England Third graders try some colonial cooking on their own; from Maria Hastings School, Lexington, Mass.
History of Pecans The pecan is the only major nut tree that grew naturally in North America
Plimoth on the Web. The Thanksgiving Tradition Primary sourc material; alternative claimants to the First Thanksgiving; a First Thanksgiving menu for today; The 1621 Bill of Fare; no popcorn; facts and figures; a 17th century harvest feast; the Pilgrims; see About All You Can Eat: A Feast at Plimoth Plantation, lesson plan
Plymouth Succotash Historical background; some traditional recipes; from Plimoth Plantation
Sampling 18th-Century Fare at Shields Tavern (Williamsburg) Article. Some interesting historical footnotes on serving food, etc.
Receipts and Other Suggestions for a Twelfth Night Celebration Holiday Wassail and Gingerbread. Lesson plans for a Colonial Christmas at A Colonial Christmas in Williamsburg
Eliza's Cookbook Recipes for Jumbals, corn cakes, spoon bread, apple pudding, apple brown Betty, Yankee pot roast; from A Journey Towards Freedom ThinkQuest
Pioneer Cooking: Johnny Cakes Recipe from Easy Fun School
Selected Recipes from Colonial Williamsburg Apple Tansey; Carolina Fish Muddle; Gazpacho; Gingerbread and Holiday Wassail; Peanut Soup; Pennsylvania Dutch Apple Dumplings; Shepard's Pie; Welsh Rabbit; Veal Chop
RecipeSource: Southern Spoonbread Recipe from RecipeSource

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Everyday Life and Customs

Everyday life and customs of people who lived during the Colonial Period, including occupations.

Colonial America (1483-1763) From America's Story, Library of Congress; includes famous people (Thomas Jefferson, Pocahontas, George Washington); time articles (brief historical summary, Deerfield Invasion, Henry Hudson); the states histories; Quilts; square dancing
Colonial Hardship 17th century farm life; Maryland in the late 1600's; relations with Indians; religion; from Maddox Genealogy (Maryland)
Java History Trail; Colonial Settlement and Development of Plantations From Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Pilgrim Life Adventure. Webquest From Pilgrim Life Resources
Diary of a Colonial Housewife Excerpts from Mary Cooper's diary, 1769;from Long Island, NY History
Life in Revolutionary Virginia pdf file; Background information, year 1775. From Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation.
Occupations and Customs in Colonial America Review of life styles and customs in colonial days; from U.S.A. History
Colonial Lexington Colonial life & crafts, Lexington, Mass. history; great page from Maria Hastings School
History of American Agriculture. Colonial Period Facts concerning American agriculture; higher reading level; highly informative. From National Association of Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture
A Colonial Family and Community Be a history detective. Go back in time and investigate the daily lives of the Daggetts, a colonial family from northeastern Connecticut. Collect clues to uncover answers to 7 questions about colonial life in the 1700's. From Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village
Colonial Kids: A Celebration of Life in the 1700's From Thinkquest
Communications History: The United States, 1585-1880 Visual essays for teaching; advanced level; from almanacs to newspapers to revolution
Kissin' Cousins Courtship practices during the Colonial Period
Leslie Brock Center for the Study of Colonial Currency Advanced in content, but much information
Money in North American History Money was in short supply in the colonies.
National Gallery of Art. Textiles from the Index of American Design See examples of colonial textiles and information on weaving
National Gallery of Art. Costumes See what fashionable people wore.
18th Century Clothing Resources Links from the Costumer's Manifesto
Quilts and Quiltmaking in America, 1978-1996 Children may be interested in seeing some modern quilts and quilters. The Library of Congress site has photos of many lovely quilts.
Metropolitan Museum of Art. Virtual Tour View examples of furnishings of New York homes
National Gallery of Art. Furniture See #1 to #18
Rocky Mount, Tennessee. Farmstead

Really post-colonial, Cobb farm portrays life in 1791, but good example of
Colonial American Newspapers 16th to 18th Century
Articles, including history; From History Buff
Virginia Newspapers
From Virtual Jamestown
Ben Franklin as Journalist From Project Bartleby
It Says in the Papers
Primary source material
National Gallery of Art. Pottery
Items 1-7 are 18th century pottery
The Old-Fashioned Milk Paint Company
Articles on milk paint used in Colonial times
Colonial Williamsburg as a Shopping Mall
Includes discussion of trades
Strawbery Banke. Herb Garden. Plants Grown in New England before 1800
Life in Colonial Williamsburg
From Colonial Williamsburg. African American Experience; Christmas;
family, food, gardening; justice system; manners; military
life; politics; religion; tools; trades
Leisure Time and Games
From Stratfordhall
Amusements in Colonial New England
From Noah Webster House Museum
Colonial Games & Toys
From Noah Webster House Museum
Child's Play
From Mayflower Families
National Gallery of Art. Dolls
See #1, #4, #5, #6
Connecticut Life in the 1770's
General article, includes trades, education. From Noah Webster House
To Bathe or Not To Bathe. Coming Clean in Colonial Virginia
Article from "Colonial Williamsburg," journal
Richman, Poorman, Beggarman, Thief
Article on people in need from "Colonial Williamsburg," journal
Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. Home Page
Interested in purchasing reproductions of clothing, games, camp gear
and other reproductions of colonial gear? Online catalog

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Education in the Colonies

Colonial Colleges. The First Five
Colonial Period. Schooling and Culture Flourish
Article in From Revolution to Reconstruction
Education for Boys and Girls
From Stratfordhall
Information from Blackwell History of Education;
Also see slates
The Pilgrims & Plymouth Colony: 1620
Description; instructions on making a hornbook; picture;
by Duane A. Cline
Education in Colonial America
From Gettysburg College

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Colonial American Art & Architecture

Salem, Massachusetts Architecture c.1626-c.1725
Salem, Massachusetts Architecture. Georgian c1725-c.175
Salem Historic Homes
Early American Art & Architecture
Visit Reed College's American Studies page for numerous
examples of early American art & architecture
Themes in American Art: Portraiture
Development of styles, including limners; from National
Gallery of Art
American Art: The Colonial Period
Includes limners; from
Early American Paintings
From Worcester Art Museum
American Portraits of the Late 1700s and Early 1800s From National Gallery of Art
WebMuseum: John Singleton Copley
John Singleton Copley
Use "Continue Tour" button at bottom of page to see more art;
from Epes Sargent Exhibit, National Gallery of Art
John Singleton Copley From National Gallery of Art
Charles Willson Peale
Biography from Maryland State Archives;
see Charles Willson Peale on the Internet for his works
Benjamin West
Biography; see Benjamin West for his works
Gilbert Stuart From National Gallery of Art
John Trumbull

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The Trades

Understanding the Colonial Economy
Introduction to topic, statistics, lesson plan from
National Council on Economic Education
Colonial Occupations
Extensive list by Susanne "Sam" Behling
Colonial Williamsburg's Trades
Apothecary to wigmaker
Fremlin's Forgery
Blacksmithing; how to smith various items [Making a Bob Punch Clip is well
illustrated]; audio of anvil sounds; links to blacksmithing sites; art work
The Gunsmith's Shop
Article from "Colonial Williamburg," journal
Leather Working
How leather is made.
Harnessmaker and Saddler
An 18th century photographic essay; from Colonial Williamsburg
From Makers and Fixers
Colonial Albany's economy and tradespeople; from New York State Museum
Milliner's Shop in the 18th Century
Article from "Colonial Williamsburg," journal
National Gallery of Art. Metalwork
Only items 1 & 2 are 18th century pieces, but students can see examples of
later objects produced in pewter, tin, copper and silver
Ronstadt Wagon Making Main Page
This is late 18th century Arizona but very interesting
See #1-3, 5; from National Gallery of Art
Shipyards and European Shipbuilders in South Carolina
From Maritime Heritage Page, University of South Carolina
Shipbuilding in Atlantic County (NJ)
Shipbuilding from Colonial to Contemporary
Includes content information & lesson plan from The Mariners'
Museum, Newport News, VA

18th Century Trades. Silversmith

From Colonial Williamsburg
Revere Silver
Information on Paul Revere; Description and pictures of Revere's silverwork
Nathaniel Hurd History
Brief biography of Hurd, a silversmith; also lesson plan
Metropolitan Museum of Art. American Decorative Arts
Examples of American silversmiths. Use "Next" button

New Bedford Whaling Museum

Learn about whaling; see a half-scale model of a whaling bark
Kendall Whaling Museum. "Heroes in the Ships"
Space down; Learn about African Americans in the Whaling Industry; History of American Whaling; from Kendall Institute


See #25; from National Gallery
Cabinetmaker at Colonial Williamsburg
Replitiques. Colonial History, Kitchens and Books
Woodworking in Colonial times; kitchens. Company makes reproductions.

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Colonial Crafts

These are sites related to crafts such as candle making, soap making, and so on. These sites provide information related to various trades. Some include activities for children.

Activities with Puritans and New England Colonies

Make a pomander ball; create your own version of the New
England Primer; build a New England village; from Mountain City
Elementary School
Cabbey's Candle Making Simply
Colonial Crafts. Dyeing & Weaving
See students at Hastings School
Of Pen and Ink
Lesson plan; students make their own pens & ink
Rug Maker's Homestead
Making rag rugs
Rug Hooking Online
People still enjoy hooking their own rugs. Here are some award winners
American Colonial Projects Page
Tin-punching; candlemaking; quilting; soap making; all
areas include Internet resources
Soap Making
From The Soap Factory. History of soap making, including Colonial Period.
Booklet available
Kids Domain Craft Exchange. Easy Soap Making
Native American Crafts: Weaving
Modern twist on a traditional craft; from Teacher First
Young Embroiderers
Use the index. Some fun activities as paper weaving or making drawstring bags

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Colonial Medicine

Colonial Medicine From PBS
Colonial Medicine
HyperStudio stack, requires plugin; slow load;
From East Middle School History Fair
Medicine and Health
From Stratford Hall
Domestic Medicine. 18th Century
Reprint from Dr. Buchan's book, 2nd ed., 1785. Advanced site

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Plantations & Other Historic Buildings

America's First Homes
Historic homes with text; from Suzanne Harle
Claude Moore Colonial Farm
See Claude Moore Colonial Farm (McLean, Virginia) Lesson Plan
Note: home is a replica since18th century home burned
Noah Webster House
Includes biography, life in the 1770's; West Hartford, Conn.
Crystal Quill's Washington Museums, Parks and Historic Sites
Includes info on some historic sites in the Washington, D. C. area
Gunston Hall (Mason Neck, Virginia)
Home of George Mason; George Mason Online: educational resources;
library & archives
Just north of Baltimore, MD; This national historic site is somewhat outside the colonial period time frame since Charles Ridgely started construction in 1783; site offers historical insight into a wealthy Maryland family, indentured servants, slaves, life on plantations and farms
A Walking Tour of Plimoth (Plymouth) Plantation
Plimoth Plantation was the first permanent European settlement in
southern New England. Includes numerous images from 17th century life
and also images from a reconstructed Native American hamlet.
Some consider this to be the greatest early 18th century home in the colonies; York River, VA
Virtual Tour of Plimoth Plantation
Monticello (Virginia)
From Monticello. Day in the Life; lesson plans for teachers;
The Interpretation of Slavery at Monticello Today; other resources.
Excellent site
Mount Vernon (Virginia)
Home of George and Martha Washington. Tour; educational resources; photos;
archaeology at Mount Vernon is particularly interesting with information
on plantation life.
The Nisbetts of Dean (Scotland) and Dean Hall Plantation
Dates from 1725; South Carolina
Cypress Gardens in Charleston, SC
Originally part of the Dean Hall, a rice plantation
Stratford Hall Plantation
Home of the Lees of Virginia. Birthplace of Robert E. Lee.
Plantation dates from 1717 on banks of Potomac
Virginia's James River Plantations
Berkeley Plantation is the site of the first official "Thanksgiving"
in America. Click on the plantation image to connect to individual sites
Boone Hall Plantation
Dates from 1681; grant from the Lords Proprietors to Major John Boone,
a member of Charles Towne's first fleet of settlers.
Magnolia Plantation and Its Gardens [South Carolina]
Home of the Drayton family; founded in 1676
Drayton Hall [South Carolina]
Owned by the Drayton family; completed in 1742
Middleton Place [South Carolina]
Home of Henry Middleton, President of the Continental Congress.
Main house dates to 1730's
Hopsewee Plantation [South Carolina]
Birthplace of Thomas Lynch, Jr., a signer of the Declaration of Independence
Charles Fyffe House [Georgetown, SC]
Historic home, rather than plantation. Built in 1763 by Charles Fyfee
Prince George Winyah Episcopal Church [Georgetown, SC]
Historic church built in 1750
St. Michael's Episcopal Church
Oldest church building in Charleston. Built in 1752
First Baptist Church [Charleston, SC]
Oldest Baptist church south of Boston; founded in 1682 Front Page. Historic Philadelphia
Colonial and Revolutionary War information
The Paul Revere House
Revere's home in Boston; see also Pierce/Hichborn House at same site
The Architecture of New England and the Southern Colonies as it Reflects the Changes in Colonial Life
Lesson Plan from Yale/New Haven Lesson Plans. By Valerie Ann
Polino. Middle School Grades 7 & 8. Much information included.

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DDC 810 American Literature

Colonial Children
Teachers may find this interesting. These are stories
from a reader published by Albert Bushnell Hart with Blanche
E. Hazard in 1914. The stories are based on stories from the sixteenth and
seventeenth centuries.
American Literature 1600-1900
Primary resouce documents; writers of the Colonial period.
Outline Of American Literature. Early American and Colonial Period to 1776
Works of Robert Beverley, William Bradford, Anne Bradstreet,
William Byrd, Jonathan Edwards, Olaudah Equiano (Gustavus Vassa),
Juptier Hammon, Cotton Mather, Mary Rowlandson, Samuel Sewall,
Edward Taylor, Michael Wigglesworth, Roger Williams,
John Woolman

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DDC 394.2 Holidays

First Thanksgiving
Christmas in Colonial Virginia From Colonial Williamsburg
Christmas Customs From Colonial Williamsburg

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DDC 970.004 Indians of North America

Inez Ramsey's Virginia Indians
Inez Ramsey's Links to Native American sites
Indians of the Northeast Bibliography; Traditional stories, biography, etc.

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Jamestown Historical information; ship pictures

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Music and Dance

Smithsonian. Folkways
Interested in folk music? Purchase from the Smithsonian collection
Touring Directory, 2000-2001, Virginia Commission for the Arts
Calendar; touring performers. includes information on The Virginia Company,
a trio that performs popular music of Colonial America. If you
are interested in purchasing music, you'll find midi files of excerpts of their work
at James Townsend and Son, Inc. Home Page
Stratford Hall
Information on music and dance; how to minuet
The Virginia Reel
One of the oldest dances enjoyed by the colonials
About Colonial Music
Holiday Music
Midi files. Many of the songs are contemporary, but some such as Auld Lang
Syne were popular in Colonial times
Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and America-Midis, Lyrics and Information
Many great folk tunes. Not all are for younger children
Plantation Dances
Description of slave dances on plantations. From Jazzart's Jazz Dance History
which includes some other material.

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American Art and Architecture. The Colonial Era
Article from Funk & Wagnalls Knowledge Center
Early American Art
Decorative arts; architecture; painting & sculpture; More
Scherenschnitte -- The Art of Paper Cutting
Producing silhouettes; from AboutCom
John Singleton Copley
Biography from Smithsonian
National Gallery of Art. John Singleton Copley. Art
Robert Feke
From WebMuseum. Biography
Charles Willson Peale
Biography from Smithsonian
American Art: Abstract for "Benjamin West and the Use of Antiquity"
From Smithsonian. West's influence on American art. Higher reading level
Benjamin West
From WebMuseum. Biography
Portrait Miniatures
Information; examples given are 19th century. From Smithsonian.
Higher reading levels
Gallery of Early American Portraits
Portraits of George Washington, Samuel Adams, John Hancock,
Marquis de Lafayette and others

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Jewish History

An American Jewish History
From Florida Atlantic University
Chapters in American Jewish History
Advanced. Brief articles on the Franks family of New York
First Jewish Synagogue in U.S.

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African Americans History

Africans in America
By period; includes teacher's guides. From PBS
African American Odyssey: A Quest for Full Citizenship
From American Memory. An overview of the African American experience from
colonial times through the Civil Rights Movement
Includes: African American Odyssey: Slavery--The Peculiar Institution (Part 1)
which covers the Atlantic Slave Trade and liberation strategies. Includes
historical documents & maps (click on images to enlarge). Liberation
strategies includes the Hope mutiny of 1765; later attemps by
Denmark Vesey (1822); David Walker (1829) and Nat Turner (1831)
Waters of Despair, Waters of Hope. African-Americans and the Chesapeake Bay
Slave trade, water escape routes, African-Americans in the military, water based trades, fish, bibliography; from Mariners' Museum
American Literature 1700-1800. Narratives of Oloudah Equaiano
Follows his life from the time he was kidnapped at age eleven through ten
years of slavery when he bought his freedom
Seacost NH Black History. First Blacks of Portsmouth. Part 1 To Live Like a Slave
Article by Curtia James, Colonial Williamsburg

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Religion in 18th Century America

From Library of Congress; advanced text plus illustrations
The Moravian Community. Salem, NC
Historic Bethabara Park (NC)
The historic site; Moravian Story offers historical information
Quakers in Brief
Advanced content; An over-view of the Quaker movement from 1650 to 1990; by David M. Murray-Rust
Germantown (PA) History

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