Looking for 3D? - 09/16/07

Are you looking to add the z-axis to your simulations? Well I've tried thinking in 3D, but it still escapes me.

If you are looking for a 3D physics engine, I highly recommend checking out Bullet. Bullet is an open source 3D physics engine created by Erwin Coumans. Box2D and Bullet share many of the same algorithms and concepts, so in some ways they are siblings. Also, if you are thirsty for some physics news and discussion, I recommend visiting the Bullet forum, which is visited by some of the top experts in the field of game collision and physics.

I have created a links which I'll begin updating with pertinent links, such as a link to the Bullet site.

Stirring the Pot - 09/14/07

I'm working on the documentation now, and it has become obvious that the API has many gaps and deficiencies (gasp!). Up until now I have been focused on features and stability. Now as I write the documentation I will be filling in the API. So please keep this in mind as you begin to use/port Box2D. Things are changing and hopefully for the better.

If you have any comments/requests for the API, please drop me a note in the forum.

Welcome! - 09/10/07

Box2D is an open source physics engine written primarily for games. As the name suggests, Box2D is a purely 2D engine. However, Box2D has grown beyond it's humble box simulating roots, and can now handle convex polygons and other shapes coming soon.

Box2D falls under the permissive zlib License and is under active development. I hope you find Box2D useful for your project — and if not, you can always waste some time playing with the demos. If you have any questions or comments, please stop by the forum and let me know.

Box2D began life as part of a physics tutorial for the Game Developer Conference back in March of 2006. You can find the original version of Box2D at my blog. People have been asking me to improve Box2D for some time now and this is my response. People have also been asking how to implement physics feature X-Y-Z for a while now as well. So I have extended Box2D to help answer some of those questions. Finally, I have been continuing my quest for the perfect collision and physics algorithms in my spare time. So why not share my results in a live project?

Cheers — Erin Catto