Tue 23 Oct 2007

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AMD partners outraged at 4x4 Asus exclusive

Doing an Intel
MOTHERBOARD manufacturers are dismayed that AMD's 4x4 team went with Asus alone, as supplier of the first 4x4 boards.

Chimpzilla's other partners did not receive a single set of 4x4 CPUs and they're unable to tell us if the 4x4 is going to work on their existing Opteron mobos or not.

An un-named product manager company accused AMD of, "acting like Intel". "We won't help them in future", he said.

He claimed that AMD knows its 4x4 "QuadFather" won't beat Kentsfield on performance, and this opinion was also voiced by other people we talked with.

They are miffed that AMD is betting the house (or "platform") on a single horse.

Nvidia employed Asustek to manufacture all of its first-generation 8800 boards and 680a motherboards. Now AMD is doing the same thing - and miffing its far-eastern partners into the bargain. µ

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