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The Basics
How to Play Tennis
How to Play Tennis - Tennis Basics & Getting Started Guide
Is tennis the right sport for me?
What are the benefits of tennis as exercise?
What You Need to Play Tennis
Learning How to Play Tennis
The Tennis Court and Tennis Rules
Eyework at Net
The Move
Maneuvering at Net
Footwork at Net
Responding to Your Partner's Shot
Training Your Eyes
About Tennis Doubles Strategy
Three Basic Doubles Formations
Both-Up Formation
Both-Back Formation
Up-and-Back Formation
The Hole
Vulnerable Areas of Each Formation
Up-and-Back Strategy
The Doubles Angle of Return
Seeing the Angle of Return
Switching & the Switch Trick
Switch Trick Play
Australian Doubles: A Twist on Switching
I-Formation: A Variation of Australian Doubles
Both-Up Strategy
Principles of Both-Up Play
Both-Up Keys to Success
Both-Up against the Up-and-Back Formation
Seven Strategic Targets
Both-Back Strategy
Both-Back Positioning
Playing Both-Back
About Tennis Tactics
Tactical Maneuvering & Footwork
Footwork in the Playing Cycle
Ready Position
Serving Tactics
Serving Angles
Serving Position
Spindoctoring Your Serve
Returning Serve
Receiver's Position
Position of Receiver's Partner
Service Return Shots
Placement of Service Return
Varying Spin
Heavy Topspin Artistry
Midcourt Advantage
Anti Net Play Tactics
Tennis Commandments
Get your first serve in
Take care of your own lobs
Deep to deep and short to short
Let your better server serve first
About Tennis Match Play
Ad-Side or Deuce-Side?
Handling Pressure & Pressure Points
Controlling the Tempo of Play
Psychological Warfare
How to Steal a Set
Sporting Play
About Partnership & Team Play
Elements of Partnership
Reason for Partnership
Team Goal
Relating to Your Partner
Ideal Partner
Strokes & Shots
Tips to Improve Your Tennis Technique
Grips: Eastern, Continental, Semi-Western
One-Handed Backhand
The Off-Arm in a Backhand
Hitting Backhands Long?
How to Hit a Backhand Slice
Two-Handed Backhand
Reverse-Crosscourt or Inside-Out Shot
The Service Motion
How to Throw a Serve or Overhead Smash
Pronation in the Serve
The Service Backswing
The Service Toss
Bad Serving Days
Spin Serves
Slice Serve
Topspin (Kick) Serve
Topspin-Slice Serve
Twist (Kick) Serve
Cannonball (Flat) Serve
Serving Grips & Tips
Overhead Smash
Overhead Smash Tips
Drop Shot
Chip Shot
Approach Shot
Playing the Percentages
Woops: Errors!
Power Myths
Hitting the Sweet Spot
Racket-Head Speed
Weight Training & Yoga
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