Which higher seed has the toughest first-round matchup?
  • D.C. United vs. Chicago
  • Chivas vs. Wizards
  • Revolution vs. Red Bulls
  • Houston vs. FC Dallas
l About MLS


As Major League Soccer embarks on its 12th season, soccer at all levels continues to grow in America. The development of soccer-specific stadiums and world-class American players made possible by the vision and commitment of MLS fans, investors, executives, staffs, coaches and players has enabled the United States to be recognized across the globe as a formidable soccer nation.

Laws of the Game
Learn the basic rules and regulations of the world's most popular sport. From handballs to offside, find it here.

MLS Roster Regulations
Confused about allocations, Discovery Players, and developmental status? The ins and outs of MLS rosters are here.

MLS Rules of Competition
All the important info, disciplinary guidelines, and tiebreaking procedures are collected here for easy access.