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Shots created for Dan Dare while at Foundation Imaging
Digitaltreats Animation
If your interested in creating commercials, models, characters or virtual sets, or just want to make an inquiry, send us an email. Currently Peter Profetto is working freelance. My previous project work was at Foundation Imaging on Dan Dare and Twisted metal black for the playstaion. Foundation imaging is famous for their work on the star trek series VOYAGER, Babylon 5 and deep space nine, and many other shows such as troopers and max steel.

Dan Dare Pilot of the future. Meet Dan Dare and his friends as they adventure through space. While i was working at netter Digital on a project called max steel, a second project had come to netter.. Dan Dare. The art department was creating a dan dare bible.. and i can tell you that if those guys ever released a book of their artworks.. i'd be one of the first to buy it. Their conceptual artworks were fantastic. Even more fantastic was the modelers and artists making those artworks come alive in full 3d computer animtion. Dan Dare has this retro look which sets it apart from current 3d animation of today. Unfortunately i didnt get to work on it at all at netter.. however, when i came to foundation imaging.. I was able to work on 3 hot episodes of Dan Dare with most of my former netter family. There is nothing better than hooking up with old colleges and working with them again. Even now i know that I'll work with them again one day. We had a great time. Check out some stills of Dan Dare that i worked on.
To see more information about Dan Dare, please visit the new website DANDARE.COM
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Camera shake for Dan Dare- Bob Forward the producer loved camera shake for Dan Dare. For me camera shake is an art. You can keyframe it, you can use a plug in like jolt, you can tie the camera to some wierd expressions. For me, I found that a plug in called diffuser from the polk family of plugins does the trick the best. It is a plug in that basically looks at the size of a null to work(it's custimizable so you can set it to just about anything you want) By assigning the y position, heading, pitch to the scale of a null, the more you sized the scale.. the shakier things would get. Because it's keyframable, you can ramp the amount of a camera shake up or down depending on what you needed.. just like with jolt. However, there is a time for jolt, and most times where not for jolt. JOLT is a camera shaking plugin. I pretty much found the best results with polks diffuser. You could also use it to shake pretty much anything you wanted, with a fair amount of control. The best thing about it was that it almost never crashed on me. You can see this method of camera shake in my latest demo reel  
Online Demo reel is now available here -----> Demoreel (divx format)
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