International Workshop
on Model Engineering

- Final Workshop Program -

Tuesday June 13, 2000

Nice / Sophia Antipolis, France


9h: Presentation of the workshop

9h10 - 11h30: Full papers session (20')

1. Saeki, M. Towards formal semantics of meta-models (PDF)

2. Atkinson, C. & Kühne, T. Meta-level Independent Modelling (PDF)

3. Guarino, N. & Welty, C. Towards a methodology for ontology based model engineering (PDF)

4. Dirckze, R. & Iyengar, S. A Metamodel approach to Model engineering using the MOF (DOC)

5. Dominguez, E. & Rubio, A.L. & Zapata, M.A. Meta-modelling of dynamic aspects: the Noesis approach (PDF)

6. Pons, C. Relations between different models in the Unified Process (PDF)

7. Revault, N. & Blanc, X. & Perrot J.F. Rule-Based Model Transforms (PDF)

11h30-12h30: Discussion

14h-15h30: Short papers session (10')

1. Schwerin, W. Models of Systems, Work Products, and Notations (PDF)

2. Berio, G. & Di Leva, A. M*-Complex: a Methodology for Business Process Modelling Analysis and Implementation in Integrated Manufacturing (PDF)

3. Boulanger, D. & Disson, E. & Dubois, G. Object-Oriented Metadata for Secured Cooperation of Legacy Information Systems (DOC)

4. Deridder, D. & Wouters, B. & Lybaert, W. The Use of an Ontology to Support a Coupling between Software Models and Implementation (DOC)

5. Kelly, S. & Tolvanen, J.P Benefits and experiences of visual domain-specific modelling with metaCASE (DOC)

6. Lozano, M.D. & Gonzales, P. & Ramos, I. Models and Ontologies for the Specification of User Interfaces (PDF)

7. Van Rein, R. & Brinkman, R. Home-Grown tools with XML and XSLT (PDF)

15h30 - 17h30: Discussion/Conclusions